Little Known Cryptocurrency Set To Trade At 5X Current Price? Weiss Crypto Rating


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Chainlink LINK

Weiss crypto rating today applauded Chainlink [LINK] cryptocurrency for their real world use cases and recommended them as a potential candidate for making it big in booming smart contract market. Currently Link is trading at $4.39 with a MOM growth of ~16%. 

Chainlink [LINK] Could Trade At $20

Weiss Crypto rating one of the pioneers in crypto assets and stocks rating today via twitter marked Chainlink [LINK] out of all 2,647 cryptocurrency listed on coinMarketCap for its real world use cases. The crypto rating firm also recognized Chainlink as an potential market leader in thriving smart contract blockchain market.

As per the detailed blog published at the main website of Weiss Crypto rating the chainlink project already has robust and growing adoption of real world users. The blog emphasizes the upcoming rise in demand for smart contract related technologies which will put Chainlink in drivers seat.

Another important point mentioned in the blog was that companies like Google are already using Chainlink to link data in their monster database [bigQuery] to blockchain applications worldwide. Chainlink may also provide real world data to Oracle’s upcoming smart contract enabled blockchains.

The team predicted Link is currently undervalued and Link prices may rise as high as 5x of current market price.

Taking all of the forgoing into account, we reckon LINK could trade as high as $20.  Which is almost five times what it trades for today. Investors would be smart to keep LINK on their radar.

Do you agree with Weiss Crypto Ratings analysis of Link, let us know in your comments. 

Source: Little Known Cryptocurrency Set To Trade At 5X Current Price? Weiss Crypto Rating

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