ETH Price Analysis: Ethereum Trading In Parallel Channel Below EMAs Between $215 And $242


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ETH Price Analysis

ETH price is trading between 215 and 252 in a huge parallel channel with consolidation within it. After these formations, we will see a breakout coming in when the upper and lower lines touched strong enough.

ETH Price Analysis: 4 Hr Chart

ETH Price Analysis
ETH Price Analysis

ETH Price is trading below the 20 and 55-EMA which can confirm the next bounce to the downside as it is strong resistance and also we have an EMA cross down here which is confirming this view.

The RSI is sending moderate signs more to the downside which can provide with a test of lower levels here to touch it before backing up again to confirm the consolidation in the channel ETHUSD has. This channel will break either up or down and after the channel is broken it will confirm with high volume 

and momentum in the best case after that we will see a trend following in the breakout direction.

  • TREND: Sideways
  • EXPECTATION: Consolidation up and down
  • TREND AFTER EXPECTATION: EIther up or down
  • RSI: Moderate to more bearish
  • PREV: 238.12
  • OPEN: 238.03
  • VOLUME: 20.1K
  • DAY’S RANGE: 232.84 — 238.62

With Eth 2.0 updates and other positive news coming in, it will be interesting to see how ETH prices react to these updates. Keep following our analysis section for more updates.

Source: ETH Price Analysis: Ethereum Trading In Parallel Channel Below EMAs Between 5 And 2

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