XRPUSD Price analysis: MACD Suggests Bearish Crossover Incoming Possible


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XRPUSD Price Analysis

XRPUSD is moving in a huge channel where it already moved to the lower line several time which is certainly more bearish than bullish. This channel can also break to the upside but as there is important resistance this is at the
the moment not more possible than the bearish scenario.

XRPUSD Price Analysis: 4 Hr Chart

XRPUSD Price Analysis
XRPUSD Price Analysis

The last times XRPUSD showed heavy declines to the downside which will go on when the coin
confirms below the lowest line of the triangle. The RSI is sending more bearish signs which can lead to a test of the oversold region which is matching to the more possible bearish outcome scenario.

The MACD has the potential to confirm a bearish

 crossover to the downside when the faster moving blue MACD line crosses the orange signal line to the downside. There can be a trade when XRPUSD falls below the line with a trade of the lower low.

  • TREND: Sideways
  • EXPECTATION: Breakout
  • TREND AFTER EXPECTATION: More possible downside
  • INDICATORS: MACD: Bearish crossover incoming possible, RSI: Looking for oversold region possible
  • PREV: 0.17709
  • OPEN: 0.17721
  • VOLUME: 47.918M
  • DAY’S RANGE: 0.17473 — 0.17776


Source: XRPUSD Price analysis: MACD Suggests Bearish Crossover Incoming Possible

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