Here are the Top Weekly Performers in the Crypto-Market


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Another silent week for trading in Bitcoin is close to coming to an end. Moreover, as the weekend volatility has subsided over the recent months, and with the 4th of July holiday in the U.S. one can expect an eventless closing as well.

Nevertheless, things haven’t been as silent on the altcoin front, as cryptocurrencies apart from DeFi are performing in the crypto markets.


Cardano has been the top-performing cryptocurrency this week with the developing firm, IOHK’s tremendous progress. The team expects to launch it’s Shelley update, and with it achieve decentralization on Cardano on 29th July.

Moreover, the rise in the last two days has been fueled by activation of staking on Coinbase.

ada usd chart
ADA/USD 1-DAy Chart (TradingView)

Opening Price: $0.083

Current Price: $0.099

Weekly Gain: 18.8%

Weekly High/Low: $0.102/$0.0823

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With the end to the Wirecard saga with a positive result, CRO continues is growth in price as well. It has been the top-performing token YTD with an over 275% increase. Like Cardano, CRO bulls are also battling resistance at the ATH levels, a break above which could lead to further gains.

crousdt daily chart
CRO/USDT 1-Day Chart on HUOBI (TradingView)

Opening Price: $0.126

Closing Price: $0.119

Weekly Gain: 5.75%

Weekly High/Low: $0.129/$0.118


LINK’s YTD (year-to-date) growth is over 165%. Its growth has been noticeable since the beginning of the year with its’ oracle integration in top cryptocurrency projects including DeFi, mobile applications, and smart contracts.

The resistance around the $4.8-$5 range near its ATH is significant. Nevertheless, if it confirms a break above it, traders will look to see renewed bullish momentum.

linkusd chart
LINK/USD 1-Day Chart (TradingView)

Opening Price: $4.75

Closing Price: $4.5

Weekly Gain: 3.47%%

Weekly High/Low: $4.91/$4.43



Tron has been underperforming w.r.t. to the Ethereum and Cardano but is looking to pick positive momentum in the last few days. The Tron Foundation is working towards the development of Tron 4.0. This also obtained the Twitter emoji which marks the team’s consistency in extensive global marketing.

The support and resistance around $0.018 is a significant level for the bulls to break above to continue its positive price growth.

trxusd chart
TRX/USD 1-Day Chart (TradingView)

Opening Price: $0.0157

Closing Price: $0.0166

Weekly Gain: 5.91%

Weekly High/Low: $0.0172/$0.0157

Do you think that the momentum will catch on in the large-cap altcoins as well? Please share your views with us. 

Source: Here are the Top Weekly Performers in the Crypto-Market

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