Play Summer Splash Slot and Enjoy Tropics Like Never Before


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Remember the song The Merrymen from the movie Carribeans? It’s the song that achieved the cult status and has a lasting impression in the minds of millions. Now the new game the Summer Splash slot is giving you an opportunity to relive the memory of being on the beach, sipping your favorite drink, and have an uninterrupted sunbath.

Finer Details 

The storyline of the game is weaved in a very interesting backdrop of a shoreline. You get settings that include a live band, a total of 25 pay lines, and 5 reels. Interesting char acters of the game include diamonds, lucky 7’s, and bars. You will also witness the action of liberty bells, but it is the funny fruit collection that steals the show altogether. These fruits are so cute in their appearance that it is impossible not to develop an affinity towards them. Take any character – be it music lemon, dancing watermelon, fashionable orange, and yes, we almost forget to mention thrilling coconut. Another highlight of the game is its cherries, which are making attempts to take a selfie. If you are a technical aficionado who has a deep interest in mobile phones, then the brand of the cherries’ cell phones will be of great interest to you.

In terms of features, wild multipliers will be boosting your winning potential if you are able to achieve a winning combination. You get a chance to win up to three times with the feature of Extra Wilds. You will light up a reel in case you get a bonus, and once you successfully light up all the five reels, then you will get an opportunity to play the bonus game. The bonus wheel has a range of prizes, including getting multipliers or winning the free spins.


The summer splash slot is inviting you to have your shot at fame. Apply your mind, implement the logic, and if you are able to have a hold on your senses, then the game has the potential to return you with big rewards.

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