Bill Miller Testifies on Relevance of Legal Sports Betting

Advocating strongly that legalized betting is the only way to protect the legitimate interest of the wagers, professional athletes, and overall gaming industry, the president and chief executive officer of the American Gaming Association, Bill Miller pitched for the legislative reforms for the betting industry. Miller strongly emphasized that in order to safeguard the interest of all the stakeholders involved in the betting industry, it is imperative that the government takes a relook into provisions of the legislation currently applicable to the industry.

In his testimony before the US Senate, the top honcho of the association stressed that legal operators in the gaming industry are ones who want to avoid any scandal as it damages the prospects of business and gamers’ confidence. In fact, Miller said that it was the licensed bookmakers in Nevada who informed the authorities about the illegitimate practices and irregular operators performing dubious transactions in the industry.

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Miller emphasized that the authorities should go ahead with fixing a huge amount of penalty on any instance of match-fixing. This will help to punish scrupulous elements in the industry while helping the industry to put out a more authentic and genuine image. Further, it was stressed that excise tax slapped on the sports betting should be repealed as this tax put the legal bookmakers/sportsbooks in a disadvantageous position.


In order to throw weight behind his arguments, Miller quoted the research done by the American Gaming Association. According to that, a whopping 74% of gamers said that they would like to bet only through legal bookmakers. This exhibits the importance that legal sportsbooks enjoy in the eyes of bettors. Just so you know, the Supreme Court in May 2018 struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act which led to the legalization of sports betting in a total of 22 States and Columbia in the US.

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Source: Bill Miller Testifies on Relevance of Legal Sports Betting

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