Dimitri Wins 2020 Betfred World Matchplay


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At one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking dart matches ever, Dimitri van den Bergh emerged the grand winner at the competition Betfred World Matchplay 2020. He lifted the award and proudly upheld his first televised ranking title on Sunday. Crushing his competitor, Gary Anderson, at the cut-throat match of darts, Dimitry emerged victorious with a colossal and prestigious 18-10 victory.

The final event of the championship tournament began on shaky grounds as both the players struggled to stay afloat and maintain a decent score. The match progressed slowly as the opponents continued to maintain an average score of 87, until, Dimitri broke through with a leading 3-2 score. The second half of the match was pregnant with intense moves, as both, the players continued to score more and more points, until the match tied at 5-5. The game continued until Dimitri took the lead again with 8-7 at the third session of the match and finally won the championship. The 26-year-old Belgian darts player finally won the event and bagged a whopping cash prize of 150,000 pounds as well.

Dimitri witnessed his fantastic dream come true with his victory at Betfred World Matchplay Championship. However, the champion refuses to bask in the glory but wants to move forward and win many more titles. Dimitri is all set to compete at more Professional Darts Corporation events. He has been the World Youth Champion twice, and is currently the World Matchplay Champion too at his debut year at the world championship.

Dimitri van den Bergh began his career in darts by winning the British Teenage Open against Billy Longshaw in 2013. He bagged the 16th PDC Challenge tour event title too, a couple of months later. His journey from being a winner at 2013 to acing the championship award at Betfred World Matchplay 2020 is wrought with successes and sweet victories.

Peter Wright sent the most heart-stirring and encouraging message to Dimitri van den Bergh right before the match began at Betfred World Matchplay Championship. Peter Wright’s fiery words of enthusiasm, and his message about how Dimitri needs to push through and win, certainly had a wonderful effect on the champion.

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