James Rodriguez Transfers From Real Madrid to Everton—A $30M Deal


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The news of career transfer for James Rodriguez from Real Madrid to Everton is on the real grounds now. This is a three-year deal worth $30 million (approximately), signed between Real Madrid and Everton.

James David Rodriguez Rubio is a famous Colombian professional football player. He is 29-year old and in his career so far, Rodriguez has hit many records for the Spanish Real Madrid club and the Colombia national team. James is a former World Cup Golden Boot winner. Currently, he has only ten months remaining on his Bernabeu’s contract and Everton has recruited him for three years.

Initially, Real Madrid was believed to have demanded £20 million from Everton. But as per the news, it has been said that the deal is settled for $30 million. However, there are no clear announcements for the signing amount as of now. His transfer to Everton is something really big in terms of his career and achievements.

Talking about Everton, it has been in the news for some days about hiring Rodriguez and Allan from Real Madrid and Napoli, respectively. In the past discussions with Carlo Ancelotti (manager at Everton), James Rodriguez had expressed his intentions of playing with Italian again. In the past, he has already done the same with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. However, he got his popularity with the latter one. Now the proposal of Rodriguez’s permanent transfer by Everton has been realized while fulfilling his desire above. James’ medical is due on Wednesday, as per the sources.

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Source: James Rodriguez Transfers From Real Madrid to Everton—A M Deal

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