Security Tokens Continue to Note Solid Growth in August 2020


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Another month is in the books for the security tokens industry. Between July and August, most of the market statistics improved once again. This industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, although there will always be room for future improvement. 

Security Tokens in August 2020

Judging an industry on a month-to-month basis will often highlight either growth or setbacks. For security tokens, August 2020 was a decent month, although July saw much bigger overall improvements. No markets behave the same every month, but the overall trend remains visible. So far, it remains safe to say that STOs are still evolving and attracting more investors. 

This is apparent when looking at the overall trading volume. More specifically, this metric increased to $22 million. A drop in the bucket compared to other traditional markets, but there is a clear uptrend to take note of. Comparing the figures to January of 2020, there was under $200,000 in overall trading volume, The security tokens market has come a very long way since that time. 

One also has to keep in mind that security tokens are very different creatures altogether. Engaging in these markets will not result in short-term profits. Instead, these tokens contribute real value for investors, yet it will take time to unlock their full potential. Given the constant growth in the industry to date, the STOs are making their mark globally.

A new Top Performer Emerges

Compared to July of 2020, some interesting changes have become apparent. While tZERO is still the best overall performer of the month with a 48.58% gain,  another project is making waves. This is not Overstock’s OSTKO, for once, but rather AspenCoin. This latter security token notes a 6.61% monthly increase in value. A modest gain, for some, but still a smart investment for those who see the bigger picture.  

BlocDesk AspenCoin STO
AspenCoin Performance – Source: STOMarket

Unfortunately, there are also various security tokens dipping in the red. Losing value is unavoidable at certain times., Protos, and 9943 Marlowe St all lost between 24.9% and 44.44% in value. Overcoming such a deficit is possible. Lower prices can make these offerings more appealing to other long-term investments. As such, there is no reason to grow too concerned just yet. 

Overall, the combined market cap of tracked security tokens was $486,428,280.9 at the end of August 2020. A healthy figure, and reaching $500 million remains within reach. As more security tokens are issued over the coming months and years, the overall situation will continue to improve steadily. 

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Source: Security Tokens Continue to Note Solid Growth in August 2020

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