Tron apologizes after claims it has 10 billion users


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Tron Foundation has apologized after it claimed it had 10 billion users on Saturday.

Apparently, the entire population on earth is estimated at 8 billion making the foundation a subject of ridicule by many. Tron foundation eventually took to Twitter to apologize. They also revealed that the 10 billion user claim was a typographical error.

What really happened?

On Saturday, September 19, it was posted on Justin Sun’s Twitter account that TRON users now exceed 10B. Justin Sun is the founder of Tron Foundation.

Justin Sun
Justin Sun’s error post

The post began to arouse reaction here and there across the crypto community. Many crypto stakeholders had issues with the tweet. However, the most obvious demeanor was the fact that the population of people on earth is barely 8billion.

Tron subjected to Ridicule

The tweet on Justin Sun’s Twitter page appeared on all other Tron social media platforms. The 10 billion claim is still on the foundation’s Vietnamese Twitter page among others.


However, crypto enthusiasts globally mocked the foundation due to this error.


Some others believe Tron’s claim saying the numbers could add up owing to multiple accounts. Generally, the claim was ridiculed.

Tron’s apology

Eventually, the TRON foundation apologized over the error. In a Twitter thread, they revealed that the social media handler accidentally replaced an “M” with a “B” in the tweet, which led to the confusion.

They also cleared the air about their 10 billion users. The foundation said their official statistics show on Saturday, their users exceeded 10 million.

Read Tron’s apology thread.

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