Crypto adoption surge as Brazil’s largest car store enables Bitcoin payment


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Crypto adoptions across all strata continue to be on the rise. The sixth-largest currency in the world continues to prove to be the currency of the future.

This is evident after 40-year-old Veiculos, one of the largest car stores in Brazil announced it now accepts Bitcoin. This acceptance of crypto-payment further develops the future of Bitcoin as the world’s up-and-coming main currency.

Crypto adoption continues to surge

Globally, firms and individuals continue to adopt cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Several companies including tech giants like Microsoft, Etsy, and automobile firm BMW to mention a few accept Bitcoin payment.

With the rise in crypto adoption, it becomes clearer that digital assets have a bright future. Outside Bitcoin, other Cryptos (ETH, USDT, XMR, BNB, XRP…) also continue to look promising.

Crypto is establishing itself so much that the European Union (EU) are beginning to discuss it. The union are concerned about how the tech would influence our lives in the future.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU plans to achieve a cashless means of payment by 2024. If this becomes a reality, Bitcoin could rank among the top 5 currencies in the world by 2025.

In Africa, 66 percent of residents in the continent do not have access to banks. They take respite in cryptocurrencies.  Also, East Asia is the world’s largest cryptocurrency market, according to chainalysis recent report.

Crypto in East Asia accounts for 31 percent of transactions in the continent.

Why Bitcoin?

BTC has established itself as a unique coin amidst other cryptocurrencies. The king of crypto has managed to adapt to mainstream finance which is key to its survival.

Bitcoin continues to prove useful across all aspects of finance through new trend, tokenized Bitcoin.

Tokenized Bitcoin are digital certificates of BTC that can be used to digitally represent Bitcoin held by an individual. This new asset can be used as collateral, traded, and sold like other cryptocurrencies.

Recent trends similar to this ensure that more firms continue to adopt Bitcoin by the day.

The end of Bitcoin and cryptos generally is unknown, however, it is evident however that BTC has a bright future.


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Source: Crypto adoption surge as Brazil’s largest car store enables Bitcoin payment

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