Are you really SAFU? The “coldest” crypto wallet wants to know


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“Coldest” crypto wallet brand NGRAVE has launched a questionnaire campaign for crypto investors as the broader market picks up. The brand, known for its hard wallets, is quizzing people on how secure they think their crypto investments are and is giving out prizes based on the responses.

What makes NGRAVE the “coldest”

Founded by Ruben Merre, NGRAVE calls itself the “coldest” wallet maker ever and features three products for users looking to take the security of their coins to the next level.

Merre, who appeared on a Cryptonites interview (CryptoSlate is the media partner for the edutainment brand) earlier this year, said about his product:

“It is completely immune to any kind of online attacker because nobody can attack it. There is no line of attack possible. It is also a bill from scratch to be tamper-proof. So physical attacks are also not possible and to prove it’s so secure, we certified it for EAL 7, which is the highest security certification in the world.”

Now, he’s giving back to the community as the firm’s latest product, the NGRAVE ZERO wallet, launches. The questionnaire takes respondents through questions ranging from crypto exchange to wallet security, holdings, and the level of risk they manage on their crypto portfolios.

Exchanges and wallets are bracketed from risky to less-risky, with weighted scores allocated for users to ensure the results and both fair and don’t end up spooking someone out.

In an update, the questionnaire will also feature a scoring system that measures how well a person scores compared to users with a similar profile as them, and how well they score compared to all users.


Users taking part in the questionnaire stand a chance to win several prizes, the results of which shall be announced on Dec. 15. These are: Two of the NGRAVE ZERO combo (ZERO + GRAPHENE) wallets, (worth over $1,200), two NGRAVE ZERO (worth over $850), four EFANI SIM-Swap packages, (worth $2,000), ten CES Innovation Award Honoree Ucam (worth $490), and 25 unique blockchain domain names by Unstoppable Domains (worth $900).

So, are your funds SAFU enough?

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