Reasons Why You Should Avoid Keno


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Keno remains one of the popular games at select casinos and at some state lotteries, and people can’t be blamed for liking the game. Who wouldn’t want to win possibly up to thousands of dollars just off a $1 wager?

It can get pretty enticing to test your fortunes at Keno. Besides, it’s only one dollar, right? However, it’s much more likely that you’re just wasting your time and money playing Keno instead of playing the other casino games available, where you’d probably have more fun and give yourself better odds of winning at the same time.

Next time you’re at the casino, it would serve you better to play at the other games where you would have a higher chance of actually making money, and where you can still have fun even if you don’t win.

How to Play Keno

Think of Keno as something between the lottery and bingo. The objective of the game is simple. There are generally 80 numbers on your card and you’re asked to pick a set of numbers, and it’s up to you how many numbers you pick. Afterwards, numbers are drawn or determined based on a ball machine or using a random number generator.

Each casino has a pay table which determines the pay you get for every number you pick that matches the numbers determined through the draw. The more numbers you get right, the higher the payout. You essentially place wagers again and again until you win big.

It is truly very easy to play Keno, and if you’re just really bent on trying your luck, it may appear to be the game for you. But its drawbacks make it practically the worst game to play at the casino.

Why You Shouldn’t Play Keno

There’s No Winning Strategy

Keno is a game of pure luck, and there’s simply no way to predict the patterns of the numbers that will show up. Whatever effort you exert in tracking the numbers that are drawn in hopes of using this information to foresee which numbers are due to come up will serve nothing but as a waste of time.

Trying to find a strategy for Keno is basically trying to predict random events, which as we all know is practically impossible. If you’re a gambler who wants to rely on a solid strategy instead of merely letting luck decide everything, you’re better of playing something like blackjack or poker.

The Odds are Against You

There are generally 80 numbers in Keno, and players usually think that it’s easy to get a match with the 20 numbers that will be drawn. You have 1 in 4 odds to win the minimum payout if you pick one number that matches one out of the 20. Minimum payouts are normally twice your bet, so you’re essentially spending $4 to win $2.

But what about the other, higher payouts? While there’s nothing wrong with hoping to get more numbers right for higher payouts, your odds are just about to get worse from there. The higher you expect your payout to be, the worse the odds will be stacked against you.

Zero Entertainment Value

Unlike other casino games which are high paced and which at least engage the players more, in Keno, you just basically pick numbers and wait to see if your numbers match. The only possible thrill you might derive from Keno is if you’re on a streak of correct picks, which, again, is highly unlikely to happen.

Furthermore, each round will take up more than a couple minutes of your time. While this can help you minimize your losses since you’re losing at a slower rate, you’re practically missing out on all the fun that the casino has to offer.

There’s absolutely no reason for a casino-goer to play Keno. If you want to play simply for fun and thrills, regardless of whether you win or not, you’re better of playing a game such as roulette or craps. On the other hand, if you went to the casino to actually win consistent money, you should be sitting at the poker table.

$1 Bets Will Bite You

It’s tempting to play Keno since the bets are so small, and there’s always a possibility, however small, to turn that dollar into a few thousand or more. But that’s exactly how casinos make money. The $1 bets may seem small, but if you’re not mindful, they can pile up if you’re too invested in the game and you have your eyes set on winning the highly improbable jackpot.

Furthermore, you’re not even paying for your fun. At least with other casino games, the money you lose can just be considered as the price you pay for a good time, but Keno is simply a game that seeks to drain your bankroll one dollar at a time. Sure, you might have minimal wins here and there, but they get even smaller as compared to the number of one dollar bills you’ve spent to play the game.


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