What it is with Pornhub and Cryptocurrencies


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Number one adult entertainment website, Pornhub has again added four new cryptocurrencies to the list of coins its users can pay with to access content on its platform.

The four new additions, XRP, BNB, USDC, and DOGE bring the total number of crypto’s Pornhub accepts to 16 different cryptocurrencies.

In contrast, the platform removed support for privacy-oriented coin Dash and the PumaPay token which it was still an option for payment back in December.

Pornhub, why more and more crypto?

In a press release Pornhub Vice President Corey Price confirms the company paves the way for tech development, testing and implementing new technology for everyday consumers far ahead of the mainstream market.

Reportedly, cryptos and porn have blended for a long time in society’s subconscious. The relationship co-existed since the pre-Bitcoin days. Then, cypherpunks believed that porn would be an early adopter of non-governmental digital currencies.

Similarly, cryptocurrencies are meant to be the number one mode of payment on the adult entertainment website because crypto anonymity goes in line with the company’s policy of user’s privacy.

However, other payment options like MasterCard, Visa, and bank transfers are still accepted by the company.

Pornhub eventually fell out of favor with credit card giants MasterCard and Visa after allegations that the platform allowed content where an underage child was molested.

Even though they denied the allegations and placed further restrictions on those who upload content to the platform, Visa and MasterCard withdrew their services from the adult entertainment website.

Similarly, Pornhub lost PayPal as a payment processing partner last year after the payment firm alleged that the website made certain business payments through them without seeking permission. They then decided to end their payment support for the entertainment website.

Having lost these payment giants, Pornhub continued listing more and more cryptocurrencies which its viewers can use to pay to enjoy exclusive premium content.

Notably, despite more crypto payment models, the payment means is only enabled for some countries including the U.S, U.K, Singapore, etc.

Bank transfers are still accepted as payment means in some European countries like Germany.

List of crypto Pornhub now accepts

Source: What it is with Pornhub and Cryptocurrencies

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