VALORANT Challengers NA Enters into Partnership with Aim Lab


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The aim-training platform, Aim Lab, seeks to implement the API interface of VALORANT to provide every esports enthusiast with a customized regimen that will enable the player to analyze his strengths and weakness of esports gaming. The partnership program shall instill the most invaluable esports gaming skills in the players. These novel skills include wall-picking, flicking, holding angles, and more, are necessary for leveling up the pistol rounds and drilling the one-tap headshots. In response to the launch of the unique gaming skills, Aim Lab has introduced the all-new and sleek Creator Studio to enable the esports gamers’ community to develop their own tasks and activities for immersive VALORANT training.

Aim Lab is also seeking to provide a training platform for pro esports gamers by providing them with access to Creator Studio’s customizable forum. According to the Aim Lab Founder and CEO, Dr. Wayne Mackey, this is a one-of-a-kind approach and achievement in competitive strategic shooting history. The North American VALORANT Champions Tour commenced on 27th

January 2021. The player of VALORANT, Ian Tex Botsch, shall be a part of the tour competitions on behalf of Equinox Esports. Equinox released their former player, Carlo Dcop Delsol, before roping Tex for the Winter Championship, where the team stood fourth.

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Source: VALORANT Challengers NA Enters into Partnership with Aim Lab

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