Best Books To Read On Blockchains And Cryptocurrencies


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Unless you are new to the cryptosphere, you must have heard about blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Well, if you haven’t, ‘blockchains’ and ‘cryptocurrencies’ are the new buzzwords, something the world is talking about.

The ‘blockchain’ is the technology over which ‘cryptocurrencies’ are built. This technology is fairly new – 9 years since it was born.

It started with application currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin, but with time, the combined technology of crypto and blockchain has carved a niche for itself.

Although such technologies are still not widely accepted in the present scenario, the days when they will inevitably be a part of our daily lives are not too far.

Therefore, if you want to remain a step ahead of others in learning about these new technological advancements, here are some Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrency related books that I suggest you read.

Best Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Books

1. Hodling- A Bitcoin Wallet Handbook


This book covers all the aspect of Bitcoin and securing Bitcoin using wallets. Here are a few chapters from the book:

  • An introduction to Bitcoin Wallet
  • – What is Bitcoin Private Key?
  • – Different types of Bitcoin wallets (Paper wallet, Hardware wallet, Mobile wallet, Desktop wallet, Web wallet)
  • – What is Cold Storage in Cryptocurrency (aka Cold Wallets)
  • – What are Bitcoin hardware wallets?
  • – What is a Brain wallet & how to make one?
  • – What are multisig wallets?
  • – The Best Bitcoin Wallets:(Hardware, Mobile & Desktop)
  • – The security risk of using Mobile wallet/ Desktop wallet/Web wallet
  • – When to use a mobile wallet (For quick transactions, when traveling to use Bitcoins, some time to show off

For <$5, this book is worth the money.

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2. Blockchain Revolution


This was one of the first books I read to understand why Bitcoin and the technology behind Bitcoin, the blockchain, will change money, businesses, and the world. This book is authored by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, father, and son in real life. I would say they are the perfect duo to pen down such a book.

The book explores various use cases of blockchain across different industries. Considering there is not much to compare, too many it looks like a mere fantasy in many areas. But it is a good book overall for beginners, non-techies, and noobs to really get an understanding of the blockchain technology.

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3. Bitcoin Standard

Bitcoin Standard

Since Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin many thinker and researchers have tried to understand and explain Bitcoin.

And now another economist have tried to demystify Bitcoin and have declared is an alternative to central banking. The books go by the name of ‘The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking’

The book is so much loved by the readers that some of them have suggested being included in school curriculums. The book also cuts through the hype of application of blockchain technology other than Bitcoin.

So if you are looking for something holistic to understand Bitcoin than this should be your go-to book.

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4. The Age Of Cryptocurrency

The Age Of Cryptocurrency

Without a doubt a great book on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for those starting out. The book is written by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey. It gives you a bird’s eye view of Bitcoin’s past, present and its probable future which can be a fate of many other cryptocurrencies that followed Bitcoin.

Also, the book becomes highly readable and engaging as you read through because it walks you through the extended use cases of the disruptive blockchain and crypto tech. A book highly recommended for people who aspire to understand bitcoins and blockchains in detail.

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5. The Business Blockchain

The Business Blockchain

This is a blockchain book for businesses, especially for executives and managers looking after the blockchain technology. The writer – William Mougayar – is an entrepreneur himself and an avid researcher on blockchain technologies.

If you are someone who wants to understand the implications of blockchains on financial services and develop some POCs & projects around it, this is a must-read. If you are a beginner, this shouldn’t be your first book.

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6. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies

This is one fantastic read. The name of the book – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction – is self-explanatory.

Whether you are a student, a software developer, a tech entrepreneur or a researcher in computer science, this book is a good tool to enlighten yourself about ‘Internet Money’. Co-authored by five intelligent personnel, this book gives you a factual picture of every core concept of Bitcoin and the technology behind it.

Some of the chapters that are particularly interesting are ‘Community, Politics, and Regulation‘ & ‘Alternative Mining Puzzles‘. Overall the best you can get for all levels.

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7. Mastering Bitcoin

Mastering Bitcoin

I have saved the best for last!

This is one of the best sellers in Bitcoin category for programmers and techies. It is written by a prolific computer security scientist and a very popular Bitcoin speaker – Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

If you wish to understand the nitty-gritties of Bitcoin’s infrastructure and its foundational cryptographic elements, this book is for you.

Beware, it is not an introduction to Bitcoin as it is mostly about programmers and crypto programming. It also requires a basic know-how of Python and C++. Anyone with that kind of programming skills can build their own cryptocurrency and blockchain with the help of this book.

Order Mastering Bitcoin

8. Mastering Ethereum

Mastering Ethereum

Looking to get started with Ethereum protocol?

Well, then what can be better than having a copy of Mastering Ethereum. Mastering Ethereum is a comprehensive book on Ethereum open source technology for developers, enthusiasts, integrators and system administrators.

The writers of the book are prominent personalities in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies world and they are Gavin Wood and Andreas Antonopoulos.

So if you are some who want to learn about the pioneer Ethereum technology that brought the concept of smart contracts and decentralized applications alive than you might need this one.

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Best Books On Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Soon CoinSutra will be out with its comprehensive book on ‘Bitcoin Wallets & Bitcoin Security‘ and join the ranks of the books mentioned above. Co-authored by Harsh Agarwal and myself, the book is currently in its final stages.

Our aim would be to convey the best practices of this industry to secure your cryptocurrencies with an aim to enable you to independent in that aspect.

With this list of best blockchain and cryptocurrency books, this is Sudhir Khatwani signing off. I will update this list if and when I come across more interesting reads. Stay tuned to CoinSutra!

Now it’s time to hear from you: Have you read any of these books before? If not, which one are you thinking to start with? Do you know of books that should feature on this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Best Books To Read On Blockchains And Cryptocurrencies

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