Isleta Casino Reopens After Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions


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As Mexico gears up to resume daily activities and regular life after the second bout of the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions imposed upon all in 2020 to contain the spread of the virus, Isleta Resort and Casino announced on its website that they are ready to reopen after a three-month shutdown.

The Isleta Resort and Casino is a world-class vacation destination amidst the desert. The Albuquerque Isleta Resort and Casino has its on-site casino, convention center, bowling alley, private cabanas, spas, pools, and massage parlors.

The Isleta Tribal Council voted unanimously to reopen the Albuquerque casino after it was shut down for three months during the pandemic. This major decision was taken by the Pueblo of the Isleta Tribal Council to address local economic challenges and other issues. This step is in accordance with the Mexican Government’s color-coded reopening plan. However, several other casinos are still planning to remain shut until further notice.

The casino mentioned that the ideal situation of having no COVID cases might be unlikely. Still, by following the rules of the Isleta Casino and Resort’s safety plan, they’re “confident” about the reopening; adhering to protocol could go a long way in prevention. At the same time, resuming business would get tribal casinos and cash flow back on track.

The tribal council is committed to boosting the economic growth post the financial crisis caused by the pandemic last year and are quite ready to take on the challenge of operating a casino in these critical times. They have declared that they are prepared to take all necessary measures to operate the casino with the utmost safety and have tested all employees and will frequently run these tests to facilitate early detection and initiate treatment if required. They also have sanitized the casino premises, enforced mask policy, and controlled the crowd with social-distancing norms.

The council will also procure COVID vaccine for its employees and vaccinate them to guarantee their life’s safety.

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Source: Isleta Casino Reopens After Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions

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