Less Than 3% Of Ethereum Addresses Hold 0.1 ETH Or More


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Whether one likes or dislikes cryptocurrency ecosystems that aren’t Bitcoin, no one can deny the ongoing growth. Ethereum is a good example, as some people add 0.1 ETH to their portfolio. Due to the recent price increases, most people are now in healthy profit as well. 

The 0.1 ETH Club Grows Again

Similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, one can own a fraction of an Ether. Whether that is appealing or not may be a matter of personal preference. One thing is certain: over 4 million addresses now hold at least 0.1 Ether, worth just over $190 at today’s prices. To some onlookers, this may seem trivial, especially given the current network fees. It is not uncommon to pay roughly half this amount to access a DEX like Uniswap. 

However, it also shows many people want to diversify their portfolios ever so slightly. As both Ethereum and Bitcoin note strong price trends throughout early 2021, there is plenty of room for profit. Holding small amounts of every currency can be a gateway to unexpected riches. Keeping in mind how volatile these assets can be, it is crucial to keep expectations in check.

BlocDesk 0.1 ETH Addresses
Source: Glassnode

Over 4 million Ethereum addresses holding 01 ETH is interesting but not necessarily surprising. According to Etherscan, there are just under 138 million unique ETH addresses today. That means 134 million of these hold less than 0.1 ETH. Bridging this large gap will prove incredibly challenging, as convincing so many people isn’t easy.

Speaking of the unique addresses, the network added roughly 6.5 million of them since January 3, 2021. It is an indication of ongoing network growth and hints at how the overall trend may be slowing down a bit. That latter part is a bit surprising, given the ongoing developments behind the scenes. Ethereum 2.0 may not necessarily bring more people to this ecosystem at this rate.

More Addresses In Profit

Whether one owns more or less than 0.1 ETH today, the number of addresses in profit has reached a new all-time high. Glassnode confirms 53.848,440.762 addresses are in a profitable state today. Again, this is a low figure compared to the total number of unique addresses. However, many users may not hold any balance in their wallets at all. 

BlocDesk Ethereum Addresses In Profit
Source: Glassnode

That being said, this new all-time high for addresses in profit is a relatively bullish signal. As the Ether price keeps hitting new all-time highs, there’s no reason why anyone can’t be profitable today or tomorrow. However, once that trend comes to an end, the consequences may prove rather severe. 

With all of these statistics in mind, it is difficult to gauge what will come next for Ethereum. With so few people holding 0.1 ETH or more, there is a significantly skewed distribution.  Rectifying that aspect may not be possible any longer, yet the staking aspect of Ethereum 2.0 may help restore the balance. 

Source: Less Than 3% Of Ethereum Addresses Hold 0.1 ETH Or More

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