Why Blockchain Will Take Over the Web


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There is a disease today plaguing the world that cryptocurrency intends on curing.  It is the disease of greed and power.  There are people in this world willing to take advantage of their fellow man in order to enrich themselves, no matter the cost or destruction left behind.  The world’s monetary system is under the full control of an elite few who manipulate it to their advantage.  This small group of people and organizations thought their grip was unbreakable, that is, until cryptocurrency flipped everything on its head.  Nothing has the elite establishment scared for their very existence more than Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.  As more and more people adopt this disruptive technology, the more this group loses their ability to take advantage of their fellow man.  Cryptocurrency is taking over money and creating an even playing field.


But this same disease has a second strain which has infected the internet.  It wasn’t long ago that the internet was a free and open exchange of ideas.  It was a network of websites running from people’s basements, college dorms and anywhere else where someone wanting to share information could be found.  The internet was self-policed, no different than people’s ability to successfully self-police themselves at the beach, park, or dinner at a friend’s house.  People don’t need Big Brother watching to keep them from becoming criminals.  For the most part, the early internet not was not regulated at all, and didn’t need to be.


Fast forward to today and most of the world’s internet traffic passes through a small handful of corporate servers.  These powerful corporations have found that this power that can be brokered in various ways for profit and to maintain their power.  These are companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and others.  They have the power to guide the world’s conversations – promoting some ideas while suppressing others.  Say something unfavorable about the wrong politician and get your account deleted; be on the wrong side of a protest and get labeled and exposed; mention the wrongdoings of a government and get thrown in prison.  The internet is being shaped for profit and for keeping the right people in control that ensure it stays that way.


So what’s the solution to the internet disease?


Welcome to the decentralized web.  The decentralized web, or dWeb, uses technology similar to blockchain to remove a decentralized power structure from the internet.  It redistributes control of the internet among its users, not corporations or the government.  The same way that Bitcoin’s public ledger is distributed among many computers in order to maintain a consensys, the decentralized web is also distributed among many computers without central control.


A decentralized web means no single person or small group with financial or political power can influence or censor information.  Any attempt to manipulate information on the decentralized web without authorization or the consensys of the entire network would result in the manipulated data being rejected.

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