holdFELA is so much community driven, unbelieveable!


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Not so long ago FELA turned into community driven project. After devs renounced ownership and disappeared, lots of people united together to raise project from the very bottom. Those people created a strong community and now leading project to the future. While we FELA was growing community, one of previous devs got into trust with one of our mods, got promoted, and then killed our community from inside – banned all members in telegram and closed some our Social media.

This didn`t stop FELA community from moving on, so they started again, from the very beginning.

FELA started project from the scratch, again, and created all new social media. They are motivated and humbled. Looks like they gonna break all walls on their way!

Go check them out on

Everything is on that website.

Have fun watching FELA skyroket!

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