SafeTitan Cryptocoin ICO Moved To August 14th, DeRace Token’s ICO Set For Jan 26th

The STTN token, it’s become a hot topic in Telegram chats & reddit among Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.  “The China coin” has hundreds of people registered, wallet verified and waiting for their ICO launch.  They’ll have to wait until August 14th to buy the SafeTitan cryptocoin at .005 cents for now however.


For those unfamiliar with this crem de la creme token of 2021, you do not want to be informed after it’s already completed a few crypto moon shots.


Safe Titan Crypto Moon Shoot


Based on current registration trends, the Safetitan brand is preparing itself for a super-busy launch.   Over 27,500 people are expected to attempt to register accounts, as reported on twitter (@SafeTitan).  However, only the first 10k will be allowed to purchase.  Others will have to wait for the BEP20 token to appear on PanCake exchange.


Registrants verified for the STTN initial coin offering will have to buy $50 or $324 Yuan (Chinese currency)  in crypto coins, the minimum. This is 10,000 tokens pre-DEX listing and pre-tokenomics’ influences on price.


Then for the polar opposite, the maximum spend or buy-in is $1K or $6,480 Yuan. A $1k initial coin offering will give buyers 200,000 Safetitan crypto coins.     This limit was created in an effort to control crypto whales and rug-pulling.  Website app upgrades are being finalized this month to ensure SafeTitan’s coin has a stable floor value.


$50 Crypto Moon Shot Could Return $10,000



Either purchase will be a significant amount.     Even if all 10,000 registrants only buy a minimum of $50 in tokens, this will be significant.  The outcome would be 100-million tokens suddenly  in usage.  Only 1-billion STTN tokens will be created.   Such high usage with a low total production means bits of ‘The China Coin’  will skyrocket in value.  Over 10% of total supply available would be in use.  This means a ‘moon shot’ for the price, which some crypto blogs project could reach upwards of $1.


To reach $1 per token from .005-cents would mean a $100-investment returns $20,000.  Such an amount, easily a significant financial shift for the average American, European, or Asian.

STTN Technology & Usability


The SafeTitan coin’s popularity comes from it’s brand marketing in China and the “Titan 100” project.   As listed on the SafeTitan coin website, 3 prominent Chinese marketers are behind the token’s influence over young Asians interested in cryptocurrency.  And that influence is currently being expanded into US markets as well, with rumors of YouTube influencers getting involved during or just after the initial coin offering’s close.


Though SafeTitan is a BEP-20 meme token, based on the BNB blockchain, it’s cross-chain linking technology is what makes it appealing for use.     The token is designed for easy swapping at low gas fees.  A money saver for the million of cryptocurrency traders that are Pancake Swap savvy.


And for those that fancy NFTs, SafeTitan is going to give one ICO participant a 1-of-1 non-fungible token at the end of their launch.   Details of the artwork giveaway are being shared on the STTN facebook.

DeRace Token


When talking of the NFT universe, one should also look into the DeRace coin.  This is a new cryptocurrency ICO which will come with an entire gaming and ecosystem for the sports betting world.


Token symbol $DERC, this is a crypto coin for horse betting built on it’s own blockchain according to coinmarketcap.   Users will be able to design, raise and bred, and race their own horse NFTs.


It’s expected to be a game-changer for the NFT world and has  over 10 investors backing it.


The ICO price of DeRace will be .05-cents per token.    It will be sold via the DAO website (here).


Creators of the horse racing coin hope to raise just over $2-million-dollars from the initial coin offering launch.  This is one of the highest goals of all ICOs listed on Coin Market Cap for July 2021.

Ethereum Based Token


The DERC token is based off the Ethereum network and paired with USD-coin, which can be found on virtually every DEX or decentralized wallet.    Rumors are circulating on social media that it will be listed on coinbase rather quickly.


The amount of tokens that will be available to ICO registrants is said to be 17,460,000 or just under 17.5-million.    No individual can purchase over $1000 USD-C of the DERC tokens.


Horse racing is a billion-dollar industry which main-investor “DAO” has a history of involvement with.  DeRace is their attempt to decentralize horse betting and eliminate corruption, fraud and transparency issues.


Both $DERC and $STTN are receiving heavy attention & speculation currently from crypto-investors.  The ICO for DeRace will launch on Monday, July 26th.   The ICO for SafeTitan will be on Saturday, August 14th.

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