Aircraft firm Aviatrade now sells jets for Bitcoin

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Aviatrade, an aviation firm based in the US, has enabled cryptocurrency payment for multi-million dollar aircraft it sells.

The firm has put up a Gulfstream G650ER for sale as buyers can pay in Bitcoin or altcoin they desire.

The Gulfstream G650ER is similar to the aircraft model owned by Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. The aircraft is the largest aircraft in the American manufacturer’s range. It is going to be sold at a giveaway $40 million or 3,859 BTC.

The Bitcoin payment option by Aviatrade also shows how private airplane sellers are turning to cryptocurrencies to lure foreign buyers.

Aviatrade’s president explained that cash payment would be subjected to cross-border restrictions in some countries. Also, crypto payment would help buyers save a lot of money to fund such an expensive purchase.

Aviatrade, not debut firm to sell aircraft for crypto

The American aviation firm is not the first to sell private jets for cryptocurrencies. Another aviation firm, Kaizen Aerospace that sells private jets, leases and manages them also accepts Bitcoin for all its services.

Fabrizio Poli, the firm’s chairman said that “We’re offering clients the opportunity to pay in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for our services, whether they’re buying an aircraft, doing maintenance, chartering, or whatever it may be.

Poli also explained that when a call for a charter comes on a Saturday, wire transfers are not possible, hence, crypto becomes an option.

Kaizen Aerospace chairman also said that Bitpay enabled about 15 transactions where cryptocurrencies were used to pay for private jets.

Both Aviatrade and Kaizen Aerospace are only joining a list of firms that accept crypto payment.

The trend is believed to be inspired by the coronavirus crisis. Many are now turning to digital platforms that accept Bitcoin alongside other cryptos like Square.

Cryptos on the other hand fit into the demand of merchants as there are no charges on transactions alongside Bitcoin’s anonymous characteristic.

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