BetProtocol and hodlbet Come Together for New Casino

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BetProtocol is one of the most reputable and dependable names in providing advanced betting solutions to the casino industry. The company has carved a place for itself, thanks to the use of advanced technology, safe and secure protocols, and a client-oriented approach. A recent announcement made by BetProtocol puts a spotlight on the partnership it has entered with hodlbet. The fully customizable solution of BetProtocol called “white label” will be used by hodlbet to launch a new casino. This casino will use stakes in terms of real money. To bet on this Casino, gamblers have to use the native token of BetProtocol, the $BEPRO. This is indeed a smart move as the use of these token will ultimately raise their demand in the market.


Finer Details

At the outset of the operation, a total of seven games will be available on the casino. These games include Linear Dice, Roulette, Wheel Classic, Wheel, and Linear Dice among others. In the future, the casino is expected to add Baccarat and Slots to this list to further widen its appeal among prospective gamers. The casino will extend the facility of payment/withdrawal through cryptocurrency.

Top Executives Comments

Commenting on this coming together, the operation team of hodlbet said that they are delighted to use the technology of BetProtocol. Solutions offered by BetProtocol are best in the class and no other organization in the industry can give access to such advanced and future-oriented technology. Reciprocating similar sentiments, the chief executive officer of BetProtocol, Rui Teixeira said that hodlbet is a perfect domain for betting and its operational excellence is something that clients swear by.


The new association is expected to bring benefits to both organizations. It is an important convergence for the casino industry and the way the new casino will perform is going to give us a fair indication of the direction things will move in the future.

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