Big And Small Exchanges Noted a Strong Increase in Web Traffic Last Month

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Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges remain the lifeblood of the industry. All of these companies lower the barriers to entering the world of Bitcoin and altcoins. Figuring out which platforms are more popular is never an easy task. 

Several Exchanges Note An Increase In Web Traffic

Enthusiasts can use many different metrics to determine how popular a specific cryptocurrency trading platform is. Comparing companies based on their volume or user base is an often-used option. However, there are other aspects to take into consideration, as well. Measuring the number of monthly visitors to these websites will often tell an intriguing tale.

Any company capable of noting a monthly increase in visitors often performs well. Statistics below confirm several top exchanges are on the right track. Additionally, some of the smaller crypto trading platforms also noted strong growth in the past month. It is unclear where these users come from exactly or what is driving this sudden interest in crypto-assets.

BlocDesk Exchanges Visitors Nov 2020
Source: ICO Analytics

The most significant change affects Japan’s Coincheck and Zaif exchanges. A remarkable development, as these are not the platforms making too many media headlines. Japan is a very prominent country when it comes to Bitcoin and altcoins. 

At the same time, its exchanges are usually accessible only to Japanese residents. Seeing both companies note an increase of over 100% for monthly visitors is impressive. Further down the list, Japan’s Bitflyer is also reporting a healthy increase in visitors. 

Things are a bit different when it comes to established Western exchanges. Gemini, Binance US, Bitstamp, and Kraken all note substantial performance improvements. These figures are less outspoken compared to Coincheck and Zaif, but that is normal. Western exchanges generate more headlines and are often recipients of more attention in general.  With all of these platforms receiving more web traffic, the industry appears to be in a good place.

Smaller Exchanges Rise Up

Statistics like these don’t just serve the established exchanges and trading platforms. Although those figures will get more attention, it is crucial to look at smaller trading platforms. The figures indicate that Mercadobitcoin, Paribu and Bybit were among the ten strongest gainers last month. They note a web traffic increase between 71% and 80%, which is more than respectable.

Keeping in mind how this list does not represent every exchange, there is still room for debate. One obvious thing is how most platforms seem to attract more users once again. This may be partially thanks to Bitcoin’s recent price surge. Alternative markets all seem to be moving up as well, creating a lot of excitement. 

Now is the time for all exchanges – big or small – to capitalize on this renewed momentum. Many people remain unaware of why they need to give crypto-assets a closer look. Educating people is the first step toward attracting more users. There is still plenty of room for future improvements in this regard. 

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Source: Big And Small Exchanges Noted a Strong Increase in Web Traffic Last Month

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