Bitmedia: Innovative Advertising Solutions for Crypto & Blockchain

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The online crypto adspace is a long way from perfect, but Bitmedia is working hard to close the gap.

Blockchain and crypto companies face challenges when they create adverts for the online space. Placement is one of them, and many sites are skittish about blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptos in general.

On top of finding platforms to reach their target market, crypto and blockchain companies have to ensure that they get the most out of everything they spend on adverts.

Bigger companies can afford to build the image, but start-ups need to know that money spent on adverts turns into revenue.

Even though cryptos are becoming more popular all the time, cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused companies still need every advantage in the online advert market.

Bitmedia Homepage
Bitmedia Homepage

Let’s take a look at how Bitmedia is working to ensure that blockchain companies have great advertising opportunities, and how it is moving the entire space forward.


Bitmedia is Focused on Progress

Bitmedia is interested in furthering the blockchain and crypto space by making the right connections. Not only does the company want to make every advert matter, it also wants capital to flow to its clients, who need the support for new and innovative ideas.

Matvey Diadkov, the CEO of Bitmedia, commented on the progress:

“Crypto market has considerably evolved over last years and triggered changes in financial instruments and in approaches to privacy. We as a company see our mission in helping the industry grow by equipping crypto businesses with an easy-to-use and affordable tool for attracting new audience. This update that we’ve been working on for more than 8 months has brought us one step closer to our goal and has provided our clients with a number of significant improvements on the platform.”

The strides that Bitmedia has made to improve the crypto ad market over the last year are striking. In addition to adding new tools to ensure that advertisers know their campaigns are getting results, it has been able to penetrate into new advertising venues to help spread the word to a wider audience.

New Tools for Better Crypto Adverts

Data matters!

Bitmedia has created a platform that gives advertisers the ability to drill-down and find out what is really working.

In addition to detailed engagement metrics, Bitmedia has introduced simple to understand layouts that allow anyone to see what is working, and what isn’t.

Now, it is much easier to manage ad groups, and get the most out of time and money spent. Testing is also simple with Bitmedia so that busy ad execs can make informed decisions without fighting an intelligible platform that wasn’t built with them in mind.

In fact, Bitmedia has put A/B testing at the forefront of its design. Any ad campaign will need to be able to backtest what kinds of messages work on a given client base, so the good ideas are allowed to thrive.

Dashboard for advertisers
Dashboard for advertisers

Bitmedia’s platform allows easy testing of call to actions, messages, graphics, and other visual elements, and a number of other factors. The platform also gives clients great stats of the results, which are simple to interpret.

Managing ad groups with the platform is probably going to be an easy process, even if there are loads of variables to keep track of in the campaign. Additionally, HTML5 adverts can be uploaded directly to the platform!

Packages by Bitmedia

Wouldn’t it be nice to just do what works the first time around?

Bitmedia has created the ‘Packages’ feature, which allows its clients to hit top-performing websites the first time adverts are displayed so that they have a higher chance of hitting their target demographic.

These top-flight sites are picked by Bitmedia account managers and selected because they are delivering results to other clients. It is hard to argue with that logic and given Bitmedia’s track record, these ideas get results.

The goal of advertising isn’t just to get a logo in front of people while they surf the web. Smaller businesses need to produce real results in the form of new clients converting to their service or backing the development of a new project.

The quality of the people who see an advert matters for niche businesses and this is where the Packages feature from Bitmedia comes into focus.

Imagine if it was possible to ensure that the people who were viewing an advert would have an active interest in the business that was spending money to promote its products or ideas.

By putting ads in front of people who want to support blockchain and crypto companies, Bitmedia is giving new and growing companies a great way to connect with a supportive community.

Forget the Crypto Ad Ban

Most people in the world still don’t know the difference between ETH and XRP, let alone that there are more tokens out there than Bitcoin. It might seem odd, but it is the state of the market right now.

While this is positive for the industry, as it means that there is loads of room to grow, advertisers in the crypto and blockchain industry need to put their message into venues where the adverts are welcome and will drive revenue.

When advertising on Bitmedia, there are no restrictions that will limit the message that is being promoted or any filters that reduce the click-through rate.

These specialized solutions are vital for an industry that will likely see increasing push-back from established players as tokens and decentralized technology make an even larger impact on how society works.

Better Tools for Great Ideas

Innovative tools are wonderful, but only if they deliver real-world results.

Bitmedia’s platform has powerful case studies to show that not only is it a solid platform that delivers professional tools, but it is also capable of driving traffic to clients’ websites.

In one such example, Bitmedia helped Bitcoin Marketing Team (BMT) boost both clicks and impressions and was able to become one of the top three performing channels in a campaign.

Bitmedia also helped BMT boost traffic by as much as 700%.

According to Jamie McCormick, Managing Director at BMT,

“We’ve worked with Bitmedia with several clients over the years, but in this particular case, we worked with our account manager to build out a very targeted list of high performing sites, white list these, use UTM tracking with the macros for identifying publishers, and then our own approach to tracking through the conversion funnel all the way to sales.”

Bitmedia Gets Results

Bitmedia is ready to help companies that want to develop and grow in the blockchain and cryptos space. It is also working on an upgrade that will allow its clients to best utilize their advert budget by combining all the providers in a single unit.

All of these features should be up and running in the near future, which is great news for anyone who needs to use a results-driven crypto advert platform. According to Bitmedia, most of these upgrades should be working by Q2 2020.

If you need to get results from your next crypto or blockchain-focused ad campaign, it would be worth digging a little deeper into Bitmedia. If you would like to learn more about all the successful campaigns that Bitmedia made a reality, just click right here.

Bitmedia can also be contacted directly via its website, or by emailing

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