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Bitcoin Casino US Review 2020

Bitcoin Casino US Review 2020

100% Bonus Up To 1BTC/Altcoins

Bitcoin Casino US Review 2020

“The ultimate gameplay that one ever experienced”


Gambling over the Internet has been something that people have longed to do since the Internet first came around. It has been possible to do for some time, but the logistics of doing so have proven too difficult for some people to give it a try. That is starting to change now with the invention of Bitcoin Casino US.

At Bitcoin Casino US, a player literally deposits Bitcoins into their account to start playing the games. They are trying to win Bitcoins in the games as well. When they want to convert those Bitcoins back to physical currency, they can do that via a Bitcoin market. It is a quicker way to gamble and get paid out your winnings. As a bonus, the value of Bitcoin in relation to physical currencies has been on the rise lately. As such, a big win at the casino could turn into an even bigger when in the physical currency world when it is all said and done.

This casino has all the types of games that you could possibly imagine or want to play. Enjoy classic slot machine games or hop on over to the card table to get your fill of your favorite card games to play against other competitors. Whatever your cup of tea may be, you can surely find it at this casino.

There are mobile versions available of plenty of the games, so you can rest assured that you will be able to play the games you love no matter where it is in the world that you happen to be.



Bitcoin Casino US hosts slots, jackpots, arcade games, table games, and card games online. The casino believes in transparency and gives players access to a tool that proves fairness in shuffled decks and slots.

Bitcoin Casino US uses a server seed and a client seed. The client seed requires action from a player to cut the deck after it is shuffled. Also, the casino retrieves between three and nine numbers to hash and send to the player for slot games, which is the equivalent of a server seed. The player can set client seeds to influence stop positions. The site content is available in English, Russian, or Japanese.


It features mobile-friendly game choices for players who access the site on a smartphone or a tablet.


Play with Bitcoins or AltCoins. We currently accept over 100 cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Audiocoin, BitConnect, BitcoinCash, BitBean, BlackCoin, Breakout, CloakCoin, Crown, CureCoin, Dash, Decred, DigiByte, Dogecoin, eBoost, Ether Classic, Ether, Expanse, FLASH, GameCredits, GCRCoin, Goldcoin, Gridcoin, Groestlcoin, LeoCoin, LISK, Monetary Unit, NAV Coin, NoLimitCoin, Namecoin, NVO Token, NXT, Onix, PinkCoin, PIVX, PoSW Coin, PotCoin, Peercoin, ProCurrency, Pura, Quark, Qtum, Regalcoin, Steem Dollars, SibCoin, STEEM, Stratis, SativaCoin, Syscoin, Voxels, Vertcoin, Waves, Couterparty,   Monero, VERGE, ZCash, ZenCash, Litecoin Testnet


 How to use the system

1.Request the shuffled deck (server_seed) from the server. This will make the server shuffle the game deck, then hash it and send it to you.

2.Add your influence on the shuffled deck by setting the client seed. This will be used to add an influence on the game deck to prevent the server from arranging the deck in a favorable way for the casino. You can view all the formulas used to influence the server_seed with the client_seed, lower on this page.

3.Play your game.

 What is this “shuffled” string?

 For the card/keno games, we will shuffle the deck, hash it and send it to you. This will represent the server seed. To make sure we did not manipulate the gameplay outcome, we will allow you to add your influence to the game (we will allow you to set a client seed) to cut the deck. This way we cannot manipulate anything from the deck since you will influence how the deck will finally look like.

For the slot games, we will retrieve 3 to 9 numbers (depending on how many reels the game has) and we will hash them and send them to you. This will represent the server seed and it will contain the symbols from the stop positions of each reel. You will then be able to set a client seed, to influence the stop position on each reel even further, so that we can prove to you that we do not influence anything in any way.

 How do I verify all this?

 Once a gameplay is completed, you will be able to access the tool from the LOBBY -> GAMEPLAYS HISTORY -> VERIFY, and the game will return the original server string (containing the deck or slot positions) and the salt used for hashing.

You can then verify this on a 3rd party website to see that the hash (original string salt) resulted in the hashed string that we sent to you as the server shuffled string. Then based on the original server string and based on the client seed, our tool will recalculate the game output that you saw when playing, based on various mathematical calculations that we’ve made.

 How do you use the client_seed to influence the server_seed?


In the slot games, we use the client_seed to re position the reel-stop to a new position on each reel. The new position is equal to: (SRV_INIT_POSITION CLIENT_SEED) %SPR, where SPR represents the total number of Symbols Per Reel.


In the keno games, we use the client_seed to cut the shuffled deck (the initial server_seed) at position X, where X = client_seedy 1


In the dice games, we use the client_seed to reroll each dice, using the formula: NEW_DICE = (OLD_DICE CLIENT_SEED) %6


Roulette games are currently fair, but not provably fair.


Scratch games are currently fair, but not provably fair.


In the card games (including videopokers), we use the client_seed to cut the shuffled deck (the initial server_seed) at position X, where X = client_seedQ 1



Individual game rules are included within the game itself for the players.


English, Japanese, Russian



You must be 18 years and above for the gameplay.



You must enter the date while playing a game, enter the gameplay ID, enter game type (there will be so many options, which kind of game you want to play). Check or uncheck the option “gameplay with jackpot only”



You may invite your friend by giving his/her e.mail id



You can check your payment details like, withdrawals, deposits and other transfers. You must submit the date of these cash options



Cashout Limit / Per Week: 15 BTC (VIP) – 5 BTC (NEW)


Cashout Limit / Per Day: 5 BTC (VIP) –  1 BTC (NEW)

Dealing with incomplete gameplays

An incomplete gameplay represents a gameplay that was started by the player and for which no outcome has been decided (win or loss).

Each game from Our site will describe in its rules how it will deal with any incomplete gameplays. If no such information is described in the rules of a game, the player is entitled to a refund for any incomplete gameplays that he could not resume. An incomplete gameplay will be marked as ‘GAMEPLAY INCOMPLETE’ in the Gameplay history page.

If the player cannot resume a gameplay for more than 3 days, then the gameplay will be the subject of a refund. If wagers have been placed on real-life events that have been disabled, then all bets on such events will be refunded.

No Deposit Bonuses

The no deposit bonuses are subject to a maximum win & cashout of 10 mBTC, the remaining funds will be removed from your account.


For the support action you must fill in the given form in which they ask you to give some information. Your e.mail id, entre result of the gameplay, case priority. If you want an urgent reply, then you must choose that option. Your enquiry about the dispute and detailed message in the given blank box.


Our affiliate program will reward you for all your efforts you have put into bringing new players to our casino.

Your revenue will be calculated from the total net amount that your affiliated players lost.

Affiliate payments are sent on the first day of each month.

To be eligible for a payment, you must have a positive affiliate revenue balance, and you must have at least a few active players.

The minimum number of required active players will be listed in your “Affiliate Center”.

“Active players” are those players that made deposits in the last few months.

For any questions regarding our Affiliate program please contact us at support@gunsbet.com with subject “Affiliates”

BONUSES (Promotions)

Players that receive an instant bonus through the system will be instantly notified of this action through an on-screen message or email.

Usually, any instant bonus comes with a rollover requirement. This is specified in the details of the bonus code and also inside ‘My account’ panel -> Finances -> Instant Bonuses.

The rollover requirement represents the total amount of credits that the player must wager in order to clear the restrictions caused by this bonus.

Active bonuses that have rollover requirement will deny the player from making any withdrawals until the rollover requirement is cleared.

Accepting a bonus

Bonuses are added to the player account automatically. If the player receives a bonus with rollover requirement, he must confirm that he accepts the terms and conditions that come with the bonus. Until the player confirms this, he cannot play any games. Accepting the terms of a bonus can be done from the ‘My account’ panel -> Finances -> Instant Bonuses page. If the player does not agree to the terms of the bonus, he may cancel the bonus.

Once a bonus has been accepted and gameplays have been played, the bonus cannot be cancelled anymore.

Cancelling a bonus

The player can cancel the bonus from the ‘My account’ panel -> Finances -> Instant Bonuses -> Cancel bonus. Bonuses can be cancelled only before placing a bet that will contribute to the wagering requirement of that bonus.

Cancelling a bonus will result in the bonus amount being deducted from the player account.

Once a bonus has been accepted and gameplays have been played, the bonus cannot be cancelled anymore.

System imposed limits

The current limit for daily wagering amount is set to: No limit

The current limit for daily loss amount is set to: 5000000CR

When a user would reach this limit, his gaming session will be disabled until the end of the day.

Terms and Conditions update

The Casino will notify the user via email about any modifications that have been made to the Terms and Conditions of the casino. Such amendments will be effective immediately upon being posted in this “Terms and Conditions” section of the Casino’s Web site.

Casino Gaming Support

With the exception of your personal details, all other information, including, but not limited to, ideas, submissions, emails, suggestions, concepts, graphics, chatroom contents including material and statements, posted on this site or submitted to us will become our property and we shall not be subject to any obligation of confidentiality and will be free to reproduce, modify, edit, adapt, publish, translate, distribute and display by Us or anyone we designate in any and all media now known or in the future created.


Bitcoin Casino US makes it incredibly easy to set up an account and get to playing. In fact, they have one ready to go for you when you first log on to the site. You must choose to fund that account to get playing. You can link it up to whichever Bitcoin wallet you happen to like the most. Once you have done so, you may then start depositing your Bitcoins so that you can start to play and enjoy the games.


The game play that one experiences in this type of casino is much the same as what one would find out in the real world. The main difference is that it is not necessary to commute anywhere to go to the casino when playing on the computer. Also, it is possible to avoid the judgement of those who might look at you a certain way for going to a casino. You can take care of your own gambling business without the judging eyes of others by simply playing at Bitcoin Casino US.

1st Deposit Bonus:
Bonus For New Players
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
5.0 Overall Rating

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