PrimeXBT: a trading platform with a lot to offer – 2021 review

PrimeXBT: A bitcoin-based margin trading platform with a lot to offer (2021 review)

Due PrimeXBT is a Bitcoin-based multi-asset margin trading platform. While built on the foundations of the traditional market, is geared towards diversifying advanced trading tools, instruments and products. The platform allows its users to operate with more than 50 trading pairs. Leverages that can reach 100x in Cryptocurrencies and up to 1000x in other trading … Read more

4 Top Professional Crypto Trading Terminals- Better Way To Trade

Are you looking for : Best crypto trading terminals? Wondering how trading terminals could help you? Well, this resource will help you pick the top and professional trading terminal for your crypto trading activities. Trading Terminal Name Supported Exchanges Desktop App App Pricing 3Commas 21 $14.5/mo Altrady 9 $36.54/mo Binance Trading Terminal 1 Free Atani … Read more

Atani Review – Trade From Comfort Of Your Desktop

The cryptocurrency world is exciting, and there are a plethora of crypto exchanges out there, which makes our task of crypto management tougher. This is where a trading terminal that connects with multiple exchanges comes as a time savior. Today, you will learn about Atani which is one popular desktop based trading terminal that anyone … Read more

More Coinbase Executives set to Leave due to Brian Armstrong’s Apolitical Stance

Employees at Coinbase, an American cryptocurrency exchange, are continuing to leave. John Russ, the exchange’s Global Marketing head, is the latest recent Coinbase employee to announce his departure. John expresses his desire to leave the company due to its new “no politics in the workplace” policy. In light of the decision @coinbase employees were asked … Read more

eToro: Crypto is still “retail dominated”

A new report, co-authored by eToro and The TIE, looked at the cryptocurrency landscape for Q3 2020, determining long-term sentiment measures for key cryptocurrencies and how mergers and acquisitions proved to be the best predictor of future price gains. The TIE is a provider of alternative data for digital assets, such as a proprietary feed … Read more

Coinbase CCO to Exit the Crypto Exchange After 2 Year of Service

According to a report published on Wednesday, Coinbase CCO – or Chief Compliance Officer – Jeff Horowitz is leaving the US cryptocurrency exchange. The story referenced an anonymous group of people acquainted with the situation. This is the second key employee at the digital currency exchange to leave. Following the CEO’s inflammatory tweet, the majority … Read more

BitMEX hires new Chief Compliance Officer after money laundry charges

Malcolm Wright has been appointed as the new Chief Compliance Officer of BitMEX Exchange. This follows a protracted legal struggle between the business and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). According to a press release from the company, Malcolm Wright will be in charge of BitMEX’s global compliance efforts. The new CCO will also … Read more