Crypto gambling trends in 2022

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Crypto gambling is certainly on the rise at the moment, with both industries currently experiencing a rather huge amount of growth for various reasons. It could be argued that whilst they are both exclusive of each other, they can both have a major impact on the other, too.

Therefore it really is not a surprise that the iGaming industry is a market sector that could potentially experience a number of changes throughout 2022, with it likely that a number of trends will emerge that will involve cryptocurrency and its uses within gambling.

New audiences to the market will typically be younger, therefore demanding that they are provided with the best experiences possible, which will likely include the potential of being able to use cryptocurrency.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the trends that we expect to see over the coming months:


More and more Bitcoin casinos

A host of players are already looking to find the best possible online bitcoin casino to use by visiting a number of resourceful sites that provide them with detailed lists, however it would be wise to see the options that are made available increase in the coming months.

As mentioned, both markets are currently experiencing exponential amounts of growth and many are looking at alternative ways in which they can use virtual currency such as Bitcoin. Naturally, many are looking at these coins as ways of investment, but there will be some that will look at them as an alternative for traditional currency, thus wanting to purchase goods and services with them, whilst playing their favorite games.

New blockchain-based games to emerge

There have already been developers working hard to create a number of blockchain-based games recently, but it would not be surprise if we were to see more of these types of titles to be produced over the course of the year.

A blockchain-based game is type of gaming that will allow players to be able to have full control and ownership of assets that can then be traded with other players for crypto, NFTs, and other forms of virtual assets.

Indeed, these have already experienced a huge amount of interest and the popularity around them has only continued to increase, therefore it would be wise to expect to see more of them begin to emerge in the very near future.

Using crypto provides a number of opportunities and benefits

For everyone involved, there is no denying that there will be a number of benefits in allowing cryptocurrency to be used within the iGaming industry in the future, which is why it is likely to be a trend that is followed in 2022.

Players will be able to take advantage of certain elements that include greater levels of anonymity, better security, and faster transactions that are cheaper, whereas operators will also be able to benefit from the transparency that is offered by the blockchain technology that is used, as well as being more accessible to new audiences.


It is clear to see that there are a number of reasons that will suggest that there will be a number of crypto gambling-related trends to emerge in 2022 that should have a rather beneficial impact on the iGaming sector. Although it would be too difficult to put an exact date on when it may happen, it is certainly likely to be an evolving and continuous process that we will be able to see throughout the year and beyond.

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