DigiTrax Entertainment Launches CounterPoint Calculator Beta

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Founded in 2017 through a series of synergistic acquisitions, including the acquisition of seven music-creating Artificial Intelligence patents, the Company’s distribution services has been amplified with partnerships with iTunes, Google, Amazon, and Spotify and unique alliances with companies such as Yamaha and MusicSoft.

DigiTrax’s Core Technology

DigiTrax utilizes its interactive streaming media platform to distribute high-quality digital music from its proprietary music catalog and AI created music.

The Company creates and distributes interactive music products to apps, games, TV, film, music video and animation markets globally via its streaming platform.

DigiTrax: Artificial Intelligence for Music

DigiTrax also offers unique product solutions to clearing music licenses using AI by supplying similar tracks to original sound recordings that artists may want to use that may be unavailable or too expensive to license.

The Company has recently launched the Beta version of its CounterPoint Calculator which transforms sequences of abstract musical data and generates new music based on the musical input.

The Company is currently open for Beta testers for its CounterPoint Calculator platform.

The Company seeks to bring all of its software into the hands of artists through an actual recording studio located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains called SoKnox Studios where artists can record, produce, mix their songs using DigiTrax technology.

DigiTrax’s Core Team

The Company is currently led by CEO Joseph Vangieri, a serial entrepreneur who successfully raised capital and led the development, launch, and branding of “first of its kind” music performance products.

Vangieri led the R&D, patenting, licensing, marketing and manufacture of the first digital DJ software package, and launched the karaoke industry’s premier streaming platform.

DigiTrax’s MUZK Token

DigiTrax has launched the “MUZK” Coin, an ERC20 smart-contract token with various use cases based on the Artificial Intelligence driven, music theory based platform.

The coin may soon develop use cases across the Company’s multimedia studio facility, core hit music catalog, and its seven Artificial Intelligence engines which write and produce new music.

These platforms may further develop use cases that leverage the MUZK token. DigiTrax may also incorporate use cases for the token into its Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform.

The company’s existing Music Builder may also begin to incorporate the MUZK token. The Music Builder is similar to a CGI for music and is based on seven patent-protected algorithms. The Music Builder is an extensible music AI and machine learning framework at the core of the DigiTrax platform.

The Music Builder can take anything from pages of classical music to a simple chord progression to generate new compositions. Moreover, it can combine disparate musical pieces with diverse styles to create unique and novel genres of music. Only DigiTrax brings together the power of data, content, AI while also unleashing the power of blockchain technology.

  • The company’s token MUZK is currently listed on TKEX exchange at $0.267 (0.00109 ETH).
  • MUZK was listed on the TKEX exchange around August 2019 as an ERC20 token and approached 10K trades in the first month.
  • MUZK is also showing activity with over 37,000+ MUZK Tokens sold via the CASHR marketplace on TKEX.

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