How Popular Are Online Casinos in India?

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Humans have been under the strong influence of addiction for gambling since time immemorial, and this seems to be constant as playing games for real money has remained part of our lives. However, gambling addiction does not account for real betting, but the effect of gambling can be felt to some extent. The advancement in computer technology has changed the terrain of gambling globally as innovations keep springing up to take gambling to the next level. New casinos keep springing up every day to add to the old ones.

As a matter of fact, the gambling industry has become a massive revenue-generating industry for countries that have legalized gambling. India is one of the countries that has given complete legal support to the gambling industry and it shines as one of the best locations for the gambling market and slots providers. According to statistics, the Indian gaming sector was valued at 62 Billion INR in 2019, but this figure is projected to quadruple in the next ten years. In other words, the gambling industry in India will continue to grow at an incredible rate.

Legal status of gambling in India

The legal status of gambling in India is still very complex. Bettors usually choose casinos with operational licenses from the government to bet with. Unlike some countries, India fines both the casino operator and the customer when a case of illegal gambling is alleged.

Casino gambling in India is regulated at the local level under the Gaming Enactment or the State-wise Anti-gambling Laws. Many of the enactments regulating gambling in India view online casino gambling as a prohibited gambling activity. It is very difficult to come across even one duly licensed online casino in India. Although offshore casinos are given access to provide betting activities to Indian players, they must carry out activities like withdrawing and depositing in the Indian currency.

The states of Sikkim, Daman, Diu, and Goa are the only regions that regulate land-based casinos in India while playing in landbased casinos in other Indian states are illegal. The only forms of games that enjoy wide legality in all Indian states are the traditional lottery and horse racing. Experts have suggested that India is hugely restricting its economic growth by preventing offshore casinos from providing access to customer support, special events, marketing activities, etc.

How to start online gambling in India

If you are looking for the best Indian online casino, then look no further because here is a guide to help you. Make sure you select a good online casino from the available options and do not invest your money in illegal casinos. Ensure that you choose a legal and reliable casino that is an ardent follower of prudent and transparent gaming mechanisms. Check the game catalogs of the casino before choosing to play your games in that casino. Also, do well to check the rewards, bonuses, and promotions offered by that casino. Be careful of casinos that do not give you the option to do your transactions in Indian currency. 

Plan your gaming activities in accordance with your budget; do not go overboard your budget while gambling. To start gaming, you must register an account on the casino site. You will be required to fill in your personal data like name, contact number, email address, financial information, DOB, and so on.

After filling out your details, your account will be verified and you will be given the access to make deposits through the various payment options made available by the casino. You might choose to deposit via bank transfer, e-wallet, credit card, or debit card.

The completion of your deposit will grant you access to begin your online casino adventure by playing your first game. Please do ensure to go through the rules of the site before commencing your gaming adventure.

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