Jo Jorgensen, US Presidential Candidate Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations

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Cryptocurrencies are now being recognized as a vital tool amongst politicians, especially for funding campaigns. On Tuesday, the United States 2020 presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen disclosed that she is now accepting Bitcoin donations and other cryptocurrencies. The announcement has attracted several comments from the crypto users on Twitter, as politicians are now embracing digital currencies.

Meanwhile, a former US presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, had previously enabled his supporters an option to fund his campaign in digital currency.

Jorgensen Claims to be 100% Crypto-friendly

The 63-year-old US presidential candidate made this known in her Twitter handle, saying that her supporters can now make Bitcoin donations to fund her presidential campaign. A glance at the donation webpage shows that Jorgensen partnered with BitPay, a digital currency payment processor to facilitate the donations. Also, the website shows that the Jo Jorgensen supporter can also fund her campaign in Ether, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc., in addition to fiat and Bitcoin donation options.

Jo Jorgensen is a female US 2020 presidential candidate, belonging to the Libertarian Party. In response to few questions on Twitter, she admits being 100 percent cryptocurrency fan. When a digital currency user on Twitter recommended that developing a pro-crypto policy would help her attract more supporters, especially from the side of the cryptocurrency industry, Jorgensen agreed, saying that she already has that. 

As US politician awakens to cryptocurrencies, there are chances that the country might be seeing a favourable regulatory environment for digital currencies and its related companies and products to strive. Recently, Chris Larsen from Ripple had complained about the uncertainty in US regulations over cryptocurrencies. Larsen argued that crypto companies aren’t competitive with the global market, amid the strict rules from the authorities.

Andrew Yang: a crypto-supporting politician

Andrew Yang is probably the first United States Presidential candidate who declared he would accept Bitcoin donations from his supporters to promote his campaigns. Yang also reportedly disclosed having a crypto-friendly policy that will support the operations of cryptocurrency-related services in the country. However, he later withdrew from the presidential contest for some reasons.

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