Kanye West is not interested in NFTs and here’s why

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Celebs are rushing into NFTs, except for Kanye West.

Many artists have jumped into the race to offer digital items only in the form of NFT and have made a lot of money as a result. But Kanye isn’t interested.

The popularity of NFTs does not appear to be limited to the sphere of art; rather, it appears to be growing across a range of businesses that value content originality.

Nowadays, it’s rather easy to locate NFTs supported by celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan’s Fursona, Snoop Dogg’s NFT Sitcom, Paris Hilton’s charming NFTs, and, most recently, Eminem’s NFT Beat are all examples of NFTs. These are just a few names from a long list of celebrities that took advantage of the buzz.

NFTs: Do You Buy the Hype?

While virtually every artist looks to be on board, the NFT movement has not yet converted all artists. One well-known individual who has lately come out against this trend is Kanye West.

The American producer rapper has expressed major doubts about joining the NFT bandwagon. Many of Kanye’s followers appear to have requested that he participate in the NFT game.

But, Kanye being Kanye, he isn’t afraid to express himself, even if it’s unconventional.

Kanye’s point of view was plainly stated in his handwritten message. His top priority is concrete, tangible goods.

My primary goal is to create real-world goods. Food that is real. Actual clothing. True refuge. Please do not ask me to do a f***ing NFT.


The “Donda” singer, on the other hand, did not dismiss the potential of NFTs. He just wants to do it when he feels like it. “Ask me later,” the “Famous” singer said at the end.

The advancement of technology and the rise of NFT have considerably benefited celebrities in commercializing their figures and products while maintaining traditional means of generating revenue.

Celebrities are hard at work developing and releasing a wide range of NFT-related items.

NFTs are truly everything

All items on the digital platform may be sold, from a hundred million-view MV of a musician to celebrity wedding films, and even tales and status updates on social channels can be converted into NFTs and sold by the owner on NFT platforms for the entire globe to collect and exchange.

In other words, NFT enables artists to communicate their works to the world and their audience in a direct and transparent manner.

Facebook‘s rebranding to Meta, as well as its emphasis on producing goods aimed at the Metaverse, has also aided NFT’s growth.

Artists and content creators that develop NFT-based products will be among the first to employ new technological concepts to broaden and strengthen their positions in the entertainment industry.

However, amid the hoopla, numerous well-known artists are refusing to cash in on their celebrity by publishing digital collections of artwork, albums, trading cards, or goods. Some have argued that the trend has no genuine value or use cases.

Kanye, unlike other NFT tyrants, does not feel that the entire digital-asset notion is completely worthless. Earlier this month, the musician revealed his annoyance with the paparazzi after being videotaped at Miami International Airport.

Right now, you can shoot us without paying, but I’m going to change that… You should know that NFT employees get compensated in perpetuity for the products they create.

Kanye appeared as a guest on “The Joe Rogan Experience” in 2020 and expressed admiration for “Bitcoin dudes.” He indirectly agreed that Bitcoin represented “real emancipation” for Americans.

After discovering that former slave and abolitionist Harriet Tubman would be depicted on the $20 note in 2018, the rapper declared his desire to adopt Bitcoin:

When I saw Harriet Tubman on the twenty-dollar note, I knew I had to use Bitcoin. When you watch all the slave movies, you wonder why you have to constantly reminding us about slavery. How about putting Michael Jordan on a twenty-dollar bill?

Good idea 🙂

With big-name celebrities like Justin Bieber and Eminem picking up NFTs, the trend is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, but there are a number of prominent people who disagree.

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