Vitalik Buterin discusses how Google could use Ethereum for better “spreadsheets”

Naysayers of blockchain technology relegate to a singular narrative whenever given the chance — is blockchain or DLT any better than being a glorified database? When Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder, was asked the question, you’d bet his reply was nothing short of insightful. It’s all about centralization Udi Wertheimer, the host of the Reckless Review … Read more

Binance Research to reinvent site, integrating new crypto data tools from IntoTheBlock

Binance Research – the analytics division of cryptocurrency exchange Binance – is moving to reinvent their website, partnering with the Miami-based data visualization platform IntoTheBlock (ITB) to offer the crypto market with deep insights into on-chain data. News of the company’s decision to revamp its site comes less than two years since its launch in … Read more

The Forces Behind India’s Booming Online Casino Industry

The iGaming industry in India has experienced a major surge in the last few years, with the country emerging as a favorite destination for sports betting and online casino companies. As of 2019, the industry is valued at 62 billion Indian Rupees, with online casinos contributing immensely to this staggering figure. Propelled by India’s huge … Read more

IOHK launches new Cardano (ADA) blockchain explorer based on Byron reboot

The new Cardano Explorer based on the updated Byron reboot infrastructure has just been launched. IOHK said that the new explorer is a significant step up from the original and is among the final steps that will lead to the Shelley mainnet. Users can now look at Cardano through a completely re-engineered blockchain explorer After … Read more

Charles Hoskinson discusses Shelley, trolls, and a 1000 tx/s future for Cardano

While the first wave of pioneers is testing Shelley, Hoskinson took to YouTube to answer community questions, touching on topics such as incessant trolls, roadmap deadlines, and handling a future Cardano that could process thousands of transactions every second. Putting an exclamation point at the launch of Shelley The first select group of participants has … Read more

Despite COVID-19 crisis, one analyst says Bitcoin’s macro case has “never been more obvious”

Both Bitcoin and the equities market have mounted a strong comeback from their lows, but there are still storm clouds brewing on the horizon for the economy and for society more broadly. In a recent speech, Jerome Powell of the Federal Reserve warned that the ongoing recession caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is one “without … Read more