StocksToTrade Review: An All-in-One Stock Trading Platform

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Stockstotrade Review

Stock Trading is a sector that has witnessed significant changes since the launch of the internet. Today, there are dozens of web applications and platforms designed to help newbie traders become seasoned professionals. The main stumbling block is finding a single application that can serve as a one-stop-shop for all your trading needs.

With that in mind, StocksToTrade claims to offer everything a budding trader would need to succeed in the stock market. The platform strives to help you quickly analyze and identify trading strategies. StocksToTrade claims that it can be your digital hedge fund manager that can not only facilitate trading decisions – but also offer you assistance in spotting the best making opportunities.

So how well does StocksToTrade hold up on its promises? In this review, we dive into what the platform offers from top to bottom to find out whether or not StocksToTrade can take your investing endeavours to the next level.

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What is StocksToTrade?

StocksToTrade is a research platform designed by traders for traders. The provider does not deliver trading and technical tools per-say. Instead, the platform has developed in-built algorithms and scanners to notify you of any potential opportunities in the market.

StocksToTrade Homepage
StocksToTrade Homepage

The trading screener can provide you with real-time data, which is a non-negotiable aspect of any trading strategy. StocksToTrade makes it possible for you to carry out trading from anywhere. The data software can give you all of the necessary data to strategize, as well as instant stock alerts to help you make quick moves.

The platform equips you with features such as:

  • Real-time data for all US equities
  • Access to major US markets including the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, and OTC
  • Scans with multiple criteria
  • Charts with news indicators
  • Set up watchlists
  • Paper trading facilities

Overall, StocksToTrade has managed to curate the essentials to make your trading as efficient as possible. The platform is set up to match the expertise of traders at different levels. Beginners can use the basic manner while learning, and advanced traders have a selection of superior indicators and screening customizers to benefit from.

StocksToTrade Features


One of the most notable features of StocksToTrade is its in-built scanners. The software comes with a number of predefined stock scans to recognize potential trading opportunities. The screeners allow you to create unlimited watchlists based on any strategies of your choosing.

The best part is that seasoned trading professionals on the platform have already created pre-built screeners as per the trading criteria they use daily. This is a particularly helpful feature for beginners to learn and locate opportunities.


Depending on the kind of trading you want to pursue, you can find screeners to include metrics like recent gains, bullish or bearish scans, and a number of other complex factors.

The visual layer of charting follows a clean layout, making it easy to define screening parameters and access them at the click of a button. For traders who prefer to do thorough technical analysis, the screener also has the ability to filter based on custom technical indicators.

Oracle Scanner

StocksToTrade has designed its Oracle scanner specifically to find stocks with high potential for movement in the market. This scanner runs 24/7 and gives you heaps of stock-related data that can help you identify potential market movers.

Oracle Scanner
Oracle Scanner

It calculates in real-time and provides Support and Resistance indicators for the stocks you are suggested to look into further. Oracle analyzes the past performance of different stocks to calculate which ones will show similar conditions.

The visual range will reveal whether the stock might go up or down, along with several other indicators that will help you make an informed decision.

News Ticker

Fundamental news that has the potential to impact the value of a stock investment is of prime significance on the trading floor. With this in mind, StockstoTrade keeps track of multiple financial news sources to provide you with a simplified version to cut down the clutter.

This straightforward and concise readout can help you revamp your trading criteria as you have the answers at hand.

You can quickly find information on different sectors, company news, earnings reports, SEC filings, and more. If you usually spend hours researching stocks, this particular feature can save you a significant amount of time.

There is no need to dig through webpages to find the information that is of relevance to you. It is also worth noting that unlike several other platforms in this marketplace, StocksToTrade offers both Level 1 and Level 2 data.

Broker Integration

StocksToTrade is primarily a trading platform that works without a broker. However, if you already have a trading account, then the Broker Integration is a feature that is likely to be beneficial to you.

This is because the platform allows you to trade US securities while passing on all order information and communication directly to your broker. This correspondence is run through the broker’s respective API, upon which it is the broker’s responsibility to execute your trades and provide you with updates.

Broker Integration
Broker Integration

At the time of writing, StocksToTrade offers integration with ETrade, Tradier Brokerage, and Interactive Brokers. There are also plans for TradeStation, T.D. Ameritrade, and RobinHood to integrate with the platform in the near future. There is no additional fee for broker-integration as this is included in your subscription.

If you are yet to open a brokerage account, StocksToTrade has teamed up with Tradier to offer you exclusive packages. This is charged at $14.99 a month for unlimited orders and a low minimum requirement of $500.

Get a Stock Trading Mentor

Before the internet came along, learning how to trade effectively was a strenuous process with little assistance on offer. This isn’t the case at all with StocksToTrade, as the platform has set up its very own ‘STT University’.

This includes a plethora of resources in terms of blogs, podcasts, and videos. You can learn how to use the STT system, including all of its features. The team also offers tips on how to use its various tools to help plan your trading approaches.

An additional feature worth noting is that of the ‘SteadyTrading’ team. Headed by Tim Bohen – the individual is well known in the online trading space. There are webinars and blogs released on different elements of trading every single day.

Ultimately, STT University offers a wealth of information for any trader, be it a newbie or a seasoned professional.

StocksToTrade Pricing

StocksToTrade offers two subscription plans – monthly and annual. However, the platform also gives you the chance to try out its features with a trial plan at a small cost.

StocksToTrade Pricing
StocksToTrade Pricing

Trial Plan at $7 for 14 days

  • Find stocks and research IPOs
  • Generate watchlists based on your trading style and preferences
  • Trade from StocksToTrade by integrating with your broker

Monthly Plan at $179.95

  • Monitor stocks and potential trades
  • Research tools to scan, screen, plan and perform trades
  • Receive real-time data
  • Access to built-in and customizable features
  • Execute trades through brokers
  • Access to StocksToTrade University

The Annual Plan is charged at $1,899.50 and comes with all product features listed above. If you are in it for the long run, then this plan is worth considering.

While the monthly and annual plans offer all core features, StocksToTrade gives you the option to add additional tools.

You can choose to upgrade your account with the following:

Small-Cap rockets Newsletter

$50 monthly and $500 annually

Oracle Daily Direction Alerts

$97 monthly and $970 annually

TipRanks Trading Sentiment

$8.95 monthly and $89.5 annually

Breaking News Chat

$49 monthly and $490 annually

Level 2 Data

$29 monthly and $345 annually

If you are a serious trader looking for data points from multiple sources, these add-ons could be of high value to gain additional insights into different markets.

Should you Use StocksToTrade?

StocksToTrade is an apt way to invest in the somewhat volatile arena of stocks. It will help you identify potential profit-making opportunities across several marketplaces.

At first glance, the platform’s layout might seem a little overwhelming for beginners. However, once you are accustomed to the way things work, you will find that the platform gives you seamless access to technical analysis and help you plan your personal strategies.

Benefits of StocksToTrade

  • Gives you the ability to scan any strategy or choose from proven criteria
  • Flexibility to take pre-built scan setups and use it to build your trading habits
  • A wide variety of tools that will help you become a profitable trader
  • Oracle Screener and Level 2 data availability
  • Ability to customize watchlists, news, and stocks

StocksToTrade Review: The Verdict?

StocksToTrade offers some of the tools required to help navigate your way through the ups and downs of the stock market.  It will alert you when key developments arise and allow you to make smart decisions in real-time.

The platform was designed specifically for advanced technical traders in mind. That said, it also encourages beginners to learn and take advantage of its resources to help them take their trading endeavors to the next level.

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