These 4 Traditional Investments Have a Worse YTD Performance Than Bitcoin

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Financial instruments will often note very different performances year-over-year. Whereas Bitcoin yields a solid return, the same doesn’t apply to more traditional markets. We compare a few other investment options and how they match up to Bitcoin, which has a YTD performance of 164.74%. 

Nasdaq Performance YTD

The past year has been relatively positive for the Nasdaq Composite index. Even though it saw a dip in March of 2020 – like all other markets – the sentiment recovered reasonably quickly. A strong uptrend is visible on the YTD chart, indicating there may be further growth ahead. Sustaining any price appreciation rate as a stock market will pose challenges, primarily due to financial uncertainty. A 38.59% increase YTD is nothing to sneeze at. 

BlocDesk Nasdaq YTD
Source: Google

Currently, the Nasdaq Composite is at its highest point in the past 365 days. That is rather intriguing, although not entirely surprising. One has to wonder what this means for the future of this index. Currently, it notes a strong daily performance, but that momentum can sour at any given moment. 

Gold Isn’t Doing Too Bad This Year

A lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts tend to think lowly of gold as an investment or store of value. For the most part, it is not an exciting market, yet 2020 has proven to be an intriguing year. Following some strong momentum earlier in the year, the market is trying to find its footing to end on a high note. Whether that will happen is still challenging to determine. 

BlocDesk Gold YTD
Source: Bloomberg Markets

Judging by the numbers, gold has gained 21.22% YTD. It is a more than respectable performance. After all, gold is a market primarily associated with retaining value rather than gaining it. Throughout the past year, gold ranged between $1,451 and $2,075. It has been a relatively volatile year for the world’s leading precious metal.  

S&P 500 Performance is Bleak

No two stock markets are the same. That is a good thing, but it also requires investors to adjust their expectations accordingly. Those who closely follow the S&P 500 will not have seen a significant return in the past year. Although a 13.49% return is acceptable, it is bleak compared to Nasdaq’s performance.

BlocDesk S&P500 YTD
Source: Google

Similar to other markets, the S&P 500 has recovered strongly after the dip in March of 2020. Continuous growth is visible on the chart, although the current price level is not too different from a year ago. Any damage triggered by COVID-19 uncertainty is taken care of, though, which is all one can ask for. 

US 10 Year Treasury Dips Hard

Putting one’s money into treasuries is not necessarily the best option during these uncertain times. Treasuries are not known for retaining their returns. Looking at the chart below, that becomes apparent very quickly. The performance over the past year is rather abysmal. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

A year ago today, the US 10 Year Treasury offered a 1.778% return. Today, it is 0.9680%. That represents a YTD decline of 45.5% over one year. The coronavirus pandemic is not helping matters much. Exploring other investment options is one’s best bet. 

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Source: These 4 Traditional Investments Have a Worse YTD Performance Than Bitcoin

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