Tycoon Lets you Trade like the Pros

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It is never too late to start trading with crypto, especially now – when big brand names like Tesla are joining the crypto world.

And if all the market changes and cryptocurrencies look scary, don’t worry, because help is coming.

The Tycoon software is ready to replicate the pro traders’ activity, giving you the most out of crypto trading.

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Why Tycoon?

Tycoon is one of the only trading platforms that really wants to provide everyone engaged with a win-win situation.

To benefit both followers and traders, Tycoon focuses on the profit share business model.

Followers will earn 70% of the replicated profit, and the remaining 30% will be paid to Tycoon.  Based on their profit rates and the number of “fans”, traders will earn revenue from this fee.

And if the pro fails unexpectedly, your assets are secured due to the stop-loss feature. Users can set a loss limit when choosing a trader to follow, and the program stops copy trading when the limit is reached.

In addition, newbies are always free to subscribe to the demo account and practise with virtual funds without being afraid to lose money.

The Tycoon token is up for sale

Yes, the platform also has its own token, which can be bought for $0.10 until the end of March 2021.

There’s a total supply of 140 million TYC, 60% of which is reserved just for sale. Paying your profit share fees using TYC gives followers a 25% discount on their payments.

Who runs the ecosystem?

Tycoon was developed by Serdar Bisi, a highly experienced business manager and crypto trading enthusiast. Along with his strong team, he started the development in 2018, and he will continue to update Tycoon with the most innovative features and technologies.

Anything for the clients’ needs and desires. That’s why the next point on the roadmap is the Android version – so that you could get this technology on the go.

Now, what’s the holdup? Hurry up and join the crypto trading adventure!

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