Arker: A Play-to-Earn Turn-Based Game in Korean Style

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Arker – The Legend of Ohm is an online game in which you control a hero and his pet in order to reclaim control of the kingdom of Ohm.

Arker is a game in which you take control of a hero and his pet in order to reclaim control of the Ohm dominion.

But keep in mind that you will not be fighting alone! You’ll have the opportunity to join a clan to help you achieve your goal, but it won’t be easy! The adversary will always attempt to defeat you and your clan. This game allows you to play in a beautiful setting while earning rewards.

Skills, runes, equipment, characters, pets, and amazing PVP / PVE content will make your time in Ohm unforgettable.

Arker is inspired by the mythical Korean fast-play games and can not only be a fun game, but it will also allow you to share moments with other friends and earn great rewards.

Get In On The Action With Arker

The Arker model is based on “play to earn,” which means that from the start, you will be able to obtain items that can be sold in the marketplace, resulting in financial rewards.

Players can earn rewards by doing the following:

  • Fighting against other players will earn you FoA tokens.
  • While participating in PVE, you will be able to obtain rewards or items that can be traded in the marketplace.
  • Carrying out daily missions
  • Participating in the guild war
  • Organizing special events

There are currently two battle modes in the game:

  • PVP – To participate in this mode, you must purchase a ticket with FoA tokens. Other users with a different ticket can join your battle and fight alongside you. The winner receives their FoA tokens as well as 80% of the enemy’s FoA ticket value and experience. Losers gain nothing but experience.
  • Showdown – Fight your character’s image to gain experience in the sport.
  • PVE – Intended to encourage the use of runes that can be applied to characters to boost their base stats. There’s also the chance of getting summoning scrolls or skins as FoA tokens.

Here are some exciting new features that will be available soon:

  • Guild War – Brings warfare to Ohm’s kingdom. To accomplish this, a guild of ten players will form and compete against another guild. The winner of the guild war with the lowest total score will receive a fantastic reward in tokens.

How to get started?

Arker is a simple game to learn. Here’s how to get started with the platform.


To bring the hero into battle, the player must first prepare their character by equipping them with custom relics, weapons, pets, and eight abilities.


The matchmaking system will select the most suitable player from among those available, ensuring that the difference in level between both heroes is as small as possible.

To accomplish this, the system will first look for a competitor with a maximum difference of up to three levels. If this is impractical, the search range is expanded to a six-level difference. If a rival has not yet been obtained, the hero will fight a balanced bot for his opponent.


Once in combat, the system will choose four of each hero’s eight equipped abilities at random. It’ll even be decided at random who goes first.

The hero who is chosen to attack first will have 30 seconds to select one of their four abilities as well as an amount of energy to use in conjunction with that ability.

Once chosen, the other player will be notified of which ability the opponent will use, but not of how much energy will be expended.

As a result, the player must consider what ability and amount of energy to use to counter his opponent’s attack, with a time limit of 30 seconds to do so.

Once both heroes have made their choices, the hero who used a more powerful ability, taking into account the energy spent together, will deal the most damage to the other hero.

The round will be started by the other player on the next turn. In this manner, the battle will end when a hero has depleted all of his life or when both players have used all four of their abilities.

End of the game and rewards

Both players will be rewarded with experience at the end of the game. In addition to more experience, the winning player will receive an additional 80% of the FoA he spent to play the game.

The FoA will allow the player to purchase items to equip himself, skill chests, tickets to form clans, and battle passes to keep winning.

Four of these are normal, the fifth has a 50% chance of being normal, 40% chance of being rare, and 10% chance of being extraordinary, and the sixth has a 70% chance of being rare and 30% chance of being extraordinary.

All items can be traded on the Arker Marketplace!

Daily missions will be available for players to urge FoA tokens completely free of charge.

To do so, they must log in every day and play a game against AI (free). This may enable you to generate daily reward tokens. In addition, the player can play up to ten games with rewards per day.

Character Classes

Izarian, Berserker, Alchemist… Discover the distinct features of each class, as well as the most effective combination of abilities or objects for each class.


A hero is powerful, but a clan is far more so. Create or join a clan and fight together to gain control of Ohm’s city in order to gain access to the ARKER mines.


The most valuable mineral on the planet, desired by some as a coin and by others as a source of energy. Some have died trying to understand it, while others have simply adapted to its presence.


Find the right balance between the various abilities available and your hero will be able to win even the most difficult battles.


Buy and/or sell abilities or objects in the market with other players to obtain a good number of ARKER fragments.

Game modes

Find a skirmish opponent and earn a reputation or a duel in exchange for FoA, or go it alone in PvE mode.

Items, pets and talents

Items are equippable objects that provide your hero with extra life or energy during battle.

The item is outfitted as a helmet, armor, weapon, or boots, and it may be restricted to a single class or a certain level. Furthermore, the item equipped as a weapon grants an energetic ability that the hero can use once per combat.

Your hero’s abilities are the attacks he or she can use during a battle.

Each ability has a wisdom cost, and the player can give his hero up to eight abilities with a total wisdom of eight. Once in a battle, four of the hero’s previously assigned skills are chosen at random.

Pets can accompany you during the sport and provide you with advantages in your battles. Each pet will have a distinct ability.

Arker – here for Gamers

Arker appears to be a lot of fun. It’s very simple to navigate the menus and fight. Adjusting the energy bar before each attack adds to the match’s mystery.

You never know if you’ll have enough energy to finish the round. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I was completely engrossed in the game and the P2E incentive to back it up. That’s a better reason to play.

If you want to begin playing right away, simply click here!

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