How to – Bullieverse: P2E Fantasy Metaverse Island

bullieverse metaverse nft game bull community

bullieverse metaverse nft game bull community

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Bull community, gamers and developers now have even more cause to rejoice. Bullieverse is a Metaverse game in an island of imagination with its own bull NFT token.. Gamers and bull community may immerse themselves in an immersive world, receive prizes, and create exciting experiences.

Bullieverse is the genuine deal, built for Web 3.0 and engineered to meet the criteria of the revolutionary play-to-earn trends.

Designed to grow into a full-fledged community As bull community players grow their use of the native token, the Bull token, this Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will develop its own self-management.

Welcome to the Bullieverse

Full digital asset ownership, brilliant game development, and decentralized governance are the elements that distinguish Bullieverse as The Metaverse.

It also has fair reward mechanisms and, most importantly, an amazing immersive experience.

All of these features add up to increased player happiness!

Bullieverse is more than just a gaming ecosystem; it believes in rewarding the community for their commitment and time.

Users can rent and lease their NFTs to other players in addition to completely owning them and using them to play.

The areas for trading and making successful transactions will be self-created events, the Marketplace, and other community activities.

Interaction with other Metaverse economies is also on the developers’ project list.

Bullieverse’s objective is to build a devoted local community that appreciates its NFT designs, easy game production, and immersive gameplay.


Bullieverse Business Model

Gamers’ spending, Metaverse development, and NFT asset sales will be the sources of money for Bullieverse (gaming avatars, in-game assets, land sales and game portals).

Creators invest in the ecosystem as well, and partnerships (sponsorships and advertising) will generate profitability!

The DAO receives a portion of the proceeds from the transactions. When one of the community members earns from an event, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the DAO.

Partners and Investors

Those that want to advertise on their platform, sponsor events, or have any type of in-game experience that may assist them improve their brands are welcome.

List of Investors:

  • 6thMan Ventures
  • OkEk Ventures
  • Fundamental Labs
  • Rainmaker Games
  • Double Peak
  • Good Games Guild
  • Draper Dragon Roark
  • Spark Digital Capital
  • Gala Games
  • C2 Ventures
  • And more!

Bullieverse’s clientele will be Bull token holders, bull community, players, creators, NFT holders, gaming guilds, and asset owners.

The company’s goal is to build a robust and dedicated community of gamers that understand NFTs and, ideally, are native 3.0 web users.

Bullieverse Team

Bullieverse is supported by a highly skilled team of industry specialists.

Srini Anala – CEO and co-founder. He held several operations and engineering leadership positions at UBS, Goldman, Reuters, and Capital One. He has delivered multibillion-dollar Fintech goods that were a success.

Murali Reddy – CEO and co-founder. He is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience directing high-performance finance teams at IBM, Oracle, and Yodlee. He is in charge of ensuring that all operations operate smoothly and effectively. Keynote speaker on Blockchain, Leadership Coach, and Cryptographer

Sanjit Daniel – Game Engineer’s Manager. Held positions of leadership at Sony R&D and Hedean. Over 20 years of hard-core programming experience in OpenGL, C++, and real-time 3D graphics. Also included are engine architecture and GPU/Shader programming, as well as VR/AR/MR.

Arunkumar Krishnakumar – CEO (Chief Growth Officer). Over 19 years of expertise in finance, technology, consulting, and venture capital. The author of two books, one of which being Blockchain and Quantum Computing. Founder and deployer of two venture capital firms, as well as a respected member of their boards. He also has a Master’s degree from LSE as well as a Postgraduate certificate from Oxford University.

Roadmap – Bullieverse has great plans for 2022, with a lot of key milestones coming up shortly!

Q1 2022 – Play2Earn Bear NFT. Land auction. IDO & Liquidity Mining. Treasure Hunt – Play2Earn.

Q2 2022 – Metaverse Launch – Phase 1. PVP Fighting Game. Bull Run Game. Marketplace Launch. Metaverse Phase 2 Launch.

Q3 2022 – Cow NFTs. Staking Dashboard. DAO Governance. 3D Cow Avatar.

Q4 2022 – Mobile Support. DAO Governance & Staking. Annual COBI Virtual Summit in the Metaverse. Breeding.

2023 – Bullieverse Creation Engine and Metaverse Full Launch.

Similar Platforms Making a Name for Theirselves in the Market

Bullieverse was influenced by many previous metaverse games, but it also addressed key strategic and tactical distinctions in order to enhance the user experience.

It is well positioned to expand in this dynamic area.

Here are some more successful platforms in the same industry:

Roblox – Because the popular Roblox game is a native Web 2.0, it is not permitted to remunerate its gamers and producers community in the same way that a native Web 3.0 may.

Axie InfinityAxie is not intended to retain the user’s attention for an extended period of time. It’s made to make money. Even PubG and Fortnite fans will be able to play the four titles on the 2022 Roadmap in Bullieverse. Furthermore, developers will be able to launch their own games for their NFT communities.

SandboxSandbox, which is built on Unity, cannot provide the gameplay experience that Bullieverse, which is built on Unreal Engine, does.

Sandbox is oriented for a younger audience, whereas Bullieverse provides a more realistic experience for a bigger audience.

Go To Market Strategy

Bullieverse plans to establish a robust and lively community before unveiling the Creator engine’s initial phase. Bullieverse NFTs were sold specifically for this purpose.

The combination of user ownership, DAO governance, a decentralized marketplace, and play-and-earn rewards should suffice.

Bullieverse will also seek out to social media broadcasters in order to broaden their player base and, as a result, propel the ecosystem’s economics.

The user can make his or her own worlds by freely placing Game Portals on the Land and then teleporting to them.

Land, on the other hand, may be used to hold community gatherings or artisanal activities. Another option is to collaborate with other landowners.

Bullieverse is built on Unreal Engine, which provides game developers with the power and technological independence they desire.

Users with no coding experience, on the other hand, may create games utilizing templates and materials. The learning curve is exponential, with increasing levels of complexity.

Following in the footsteps of the traditional MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Battle Royale, Survival, and Sandbox.

The Bullieverse Creation Engine will allow players to design their own games.

Bullieverse’s first collection of games includes:

Bear Hunt – A single player objective-based game designed to win NFT rewards

Island Treasure Hunt – An MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) exploration game, also designed to earn token rewards.

Bull Royale – A MMORPG in which your team fights against other teams, gaining access through Game Portals and collecting tokens.
Point and shoot basketball and Bull Run are among the arcade games offered.

Getting Started With Bullieverse

Players get citizenship by just holding a Bull token NFT. 10,000 Bull NFTs were issued in 2021 and are now held by around 2,300 wallets.

There is a collection of 10.000 distinct bulls NFTs with varied skin colors, attire, horns, facial expressions, and accessories.

Once the user has fully owned his or her 3D personalized bull, he or she may play-to-earn, create-to-earn, own assets and land, and earn additional NFTs or Shell tokens.

The Tokens

Bull NFT tokens are governance tokens that may be used to vote on resolutions or link critical choices in the game’s decentralization process.

Shell tokens, on the other hand, are the ones that keep the platform afloat, fueling the play-to-earn and create-to-earn activities.

Bull token transactions will be handled using smart contracts, primarily by three actors:

The Bullieverse Foundation, which serves as an incubator for the creativity engine and will receive a portion of any resulting revenue.

The Staking Pool, which is intended to reward holders of Bull tokens.

The Bullieverse Treasury, which depicts the foundation’s Bulls. This feature will cover the operational costs.

Bullieverse is Built to Grow

A scalable, secure, and sophisticated Web3.0 gaming platform built on Ethereum and Polygon cannot fail.

The impressive aesthetics, as well as the play-to-earn and create-to-earn paradigms, can only contribute to the creation of a fan base.

SnowCrash, Bullieverse’s in-game creation engine, is already under development.

Here you can learn more about Bullieverse and the bull community.

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