Just play and earn crypto – Top P2E games review

play to earn crypto games

play to earn crypto games

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Play-to-earn (or P2E) crypto games, as the name implies, entail earning cryptocurrency through playing games.

Cryptocurrency has captivated our imagination and altered the way we think about and use money in only a few short years. As cryptocurrency has grown in popularity, game developers have begun to notice, creating games based on blockchain technology.

Despite the fact that the crypto game business is still in its early stages, it has developed a loyal fanbase. Decentralized gaming has the potential to provide gamers with independence that is now unavailable in traditional gaming ecosystems. Continue reading to find out more about how crypto gaming works and what the future holds for this exciting new genre.

So, what can be more pleasant then play and gain crypto? People can now earn tokens in a variety of ways thanks to the cryptocurrency market. Whether you acquire crypto through regular investing, staking, slot auctions, or other methods, you’ll usually find that the process is laborious.

Play-to-earn (or P2E) crypto games, as the name implies, entail earning cryptocurrency through playing games. These mainly entail performing missions, winning fights, and accomplishing various types of challenges in order to earn in-game currency. On a decentralized exchange, you may usually trade this in-game cash for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another token. You can sometimes get started for free, but you may need to make a small initial investment.

These funds can be transferred to a bitcoin wallet or used to purchase other in-game things. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, can also be purchased with them. NFTs are used as in-game currency in some circumstances. This means that in-game things can be claimed by players and sold or traded.

Players are attracted to these games because of the financial benefits, which is why the P2E sector is booming. GameFi, a term that combines gaming and decentralized finance, is an umbrella term for such projects (or DeFi).

The money gained from these games can be transferred to a bitcoin wallet or used to purchase other in-game things. They can also be used to purchase non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs are the in-game currency in some circumstances. Players can claim ownership of in-game things and sell or trade them as a result of this.

We’ve created a list of the best crypto games for you. They are as follows:

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of today’s most popular play-to-earn cryptocurrency games. One of the main reasons for this is that Smooth Love Potion (or SLP), Axie Infinity’s in-game currency, may be turned into cash. Another token in the game is the Axie Infinity Token (AXS).

There are two modes in Axie Infinity: adventure mode and fight mode. The adventure mode entails fulfilling tasks and quests, whilst the battle mode entails combat with opponents.

You can also farm form in the Axie Infinity cosmos to make SLP, which you can then sell in the game. You can also build your own characters with whom you can win battles (known as Axies) and earn AXS by participating on the PVP (player vs. player) leaderboard. Axies can also sell for a high price and have their own marketplace in this regard.

Link: https://axieinfinity.com/

2. Battle of Guardians

The first real-time multiplayer NFT platform is Battle of Guardians. This Unreal Engine-developed sci-fi game features three different character types: humans, demons, and guardians, as well as an interesting tale involving technology, portals, and more. There are several game modes to choose from, including arena mode, story mode, and tournament mode, each with its own set of obstacles.

NFTs are the most common way for gamers to make money in Battle of Guardians. You can play and earn crypto and more rewards as you go through the game, but if you want to compete in a tournament, you’ll have to pay an admission fee. The official marketplace in Battle of Guardians allows you to trade NFT characters with other players or even sell them.

Link: https://battleofguardians.com/

3. Plant vs. Undead

If you’re not into nonstop warfare, Plant vs. Undead is a nice game to play to earn crypto. This game is primarily about farming, in which you must produce Light Energy, or LE, in order to progress. Plant vs. Undead’s in-game currency is Light Energy, which may be exchanged for official Plant vs. Undead (or PVU) tokens. After that, you can trade them on a number of decentralized exchanges.

Although there is a combat element to Plant vs. Undead since you must defend your farm and thus your valuable plants, this is not the game’s primary goal. Instead, you’ll spend most of your time gathering seeds, maintaining your farm, and completing tasks.

Link: https://plantvsundead.com/

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