Top 5 Blockchains By Developer Commits Last Month

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The developer activity for specific cryptocurrency projects often depicts how valuable an ecosystem may become. More active developers usually equals a greater interest in maintaining and improving the current tools. The following five projects are all worth paying attention to in this regard.


Not too many people will be surprised to see Polkadot high up on the developer rankings lately. It is still a relatively new blockchain ecosystem, but one that shows tremendous potential. A strong focus on DApps and scalability paves the way for processing data in parallel without a significant network upgrade. 

With 325 developer commits taking place in the past 30 days, there is still plenty of work to be done. It is unclear what the developers are attributing to currently, yet there are many aspects of this ecosystem that can be finetuned. Considering how Polkadot’s market cap sits well above $16 billion, actively maintaining the code is an absolute necessity. 


Kusama positions itself as a scalable network of specialized blockchains built using Substrate. It is a project that acknowledges some elements have been borrowed from Polkadot. This may also explain why both projects have the same number of developer commits over the past 30 days: 325. Additionally, Kusama welcomes teams who are in the process of deploying on Polkadot.

BlocDesk Developers Commits
Source: CryptoDiffer

It is another project founded by Gavin Wood, who also founded Polkadot and co-founded Ethereum. There is a lot of competition in the blockchain space as of late, with different concepts gaining traction. Unlike Polkadot, Kusama’s market cap is much lower, at just $936 million. 


Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be familiar with Cardano, a blockchain built to accommodate many types of coders and developers’ needs. It is also one of the few top blockchains supporting proof-of-stake. Developers introduced the PoS feature in early 2020 through the Shelley upgrade. Many expected this to catapult Cardano higher in market cap, and the 678% ADA price increase confirms as much. 

Despite this massive change taking place, developers are actively maintaining and upgrading the code in early 2021. A total of 306 commits have been recorded in the past 30 days, nearly four times as many as Bitcoin. Which changes the network will see in the future remain unclear, but contributors are putting in a lot of effort. 


It may seem strange that Ethereum is only the fourth project on this list. Especially with the ongoing upgrade to Ethereum 2.0, there must be plenty of work to do. As this upgrade rolls out in Phases, developers may be hard at work to roll out the next step along the way. When that Phase will kick in, has yet to be determined. 

Based on the statistics, there have been 226 developer commits for Ethereum last month. A healthy amount, although it should perhaps be much higher than this. Even so, there are many aspects to work on, either for Ethereum 2.0 or otherwise. Every commit is a positive sign, as maintaining this network is vital.


Although it has been relatively quiet where Gnosis is concerned, the team is still building new market mechanisms for decentralized finance. As DeFi continues to hit new records nearly every month, demand for market mechanisms is likely to keep increasing over time.  Whether that will lead to new innovations is a different matter altogether.

Thanks to 173 commits by developers in the past 30 days,  something seems to be brewing behind the scenes. One of the recent developments is the GnosisDAO, a prediction market-driven collective. Some of the commits may have something to do with that particular project, although nothing has been confirmed yet. There is always a lot of work to be done behind the scenes.

Source: Top 5 Blockchains By Developer Commits Last Month

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