Wartime: Visa and Mastercard have terminated their operations in Russia

Wartime: Visa and Mastercard have terminated their operations in Russia

Wartime: Visa and Mastercard have terminated their operations in Russia

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In response to Russia’s invasion and the Ukraine war, Visa and Mastercard have announced that all operations in Russia will be halted.

The payments giants said on Saturday that cards issued by Russian banks will no longer be supported by their networks.

Both companies have also stated that cards issued outside of Russia will no longer work in Russian shops or ATMs.

However, Russia’s main banks, including the state-owned Sberbank, have already downplayed the impact on their customers.

“This battle, and the ongoing danger to peace and stability, demand that we respond in accordance with our beliefs,” stated Al Kelly, CEO of Visa.

Mastercard also called the continued invasion of Ukraine “shocking and terrible” in a statement.

Sberbank, Russia’s largest state-owned bank, claimed the cards will be usable “to withdraw cash, make transfers using the card number, and for payment at both offline and online Russian stores.”

The bank stated that cards will continue to work on Russian soil because all payments in Russia are made through a national system that is not reliant on international networks.

To avoid any negative impact on consumers, several Russian banks have stated that they will begin issuing cards that use the Chinese UnionPay system in conjunction with Russia’s Mir payment network.

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