2022 Top Four Crypto Debit And Credit Cards

Crypto Debit And Credit Cards

Crypto Debit And Credit Cards

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Because of the numerous banking prohibitions on crypto transactions, cryptocurrency debit and credit cards are now countable. Many cards are appropriate for frequent shoppers since they function as buy rewards cards, allowing you to receive money back on purchases.

Only a few credit cards allow you to earn interest on crypto that you have in your account. Almost all, however, allow you to convert crypto to fiat instantaneously, withdraw crypto in the form of fiat at ATMs, and pay for products and services at merchant businesses that take Visa and MasterCard.

Cryptocurrency is a way to make money. Most cashback benefits are not deposited immediately after purchase, but they can be redeemed later. Not all cryptos are supported.

For regular crypto users, crypto debit or credit cards are advised since they allow you to easily convert Bitcoin and other cryptos to fiat at merchant points and ATMs that accept Visa and MasterCard.

As a result, you can pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency even if the store or merchant does not accept cryptocurrency as payment directly. You can also use them to withdraw money from ATMs. One of the most appealing features is that you can earn rewards for every transaction you make with the card. You can also take out crypto loans with them.

Crypto.com debit cards, Coinbase Card, Nexo, Crypterium, SoFi, Wirex, TenX, and Swipe Visa debit cards are just a few examples. These allow you to instantaneously convert crypto and withdraw funds from an ATM that accepts MasterCard or Visa. Even if merchants do not accept direct crypto payments, you can pay for goods and services in crypto where these networks are accepted. Some, such as Nexo, offer crypto loans.

Companies that offer a crypto credit card or debit card ask you to create an account, verify your identification, and either deposit a required quantity of platform tokens or crypto or apply for a free debit or credit card.

The majority of them function in conjunction with a software crypto wallet and app that allows you to load bitcoin or money onto the card. You can also use the app to manage your card. You can then use it as a regular debit or credit card at merchant stores, outlets, or ATMs after loading it.

1. Crypto.com – the best option for merchants and ordinary buyers

The Crypto.com Visa Card is a prepaid card. Prepaid cards are similar to debit cards in many ways. The difference between debit and prepaid cards is that debit cards are tied to your bank account, whilst prepaid cards must be topped up. You can top up your account with bank account transfers, other credit/debit cards, or cryptocurrency in our instance.

More information can be found at: https://crypto.com/eea/cards

Crypto.com Card Benefits
Crypto.com Fee limits
Crypto.com Card Tiers

2. Coinbase Visa Card – the finest option for institutional crypto investors

The Coinbase Card allows you to spend money from your Coinbase bitcoin wallets.

Coinbase Visa card

Customers in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom are eligible for the Coinbase Card.

The Coinbase Card, like any other debit card, must be activated before usage. Your Coinbase Card can be activated from inside the Coinbase Card app or by dialing your local support number from Card Settings > Call Support in the app. The letter contains your activation code. 

The Coinbase Card is a VISA card that can be used anywhere that accepts VISA cards. It works on a local, national, and international level. The Card can be used for everyday purchases at your favorite stores as well as cash withdrawals at ATMs.

Fees are listed below:

More information can be found at: https://www.coinbase.com/

3. Wirex Visa Card – best for regular shoppers and altcoiners

With real-time conversion at point-of-sale and no exchange fees, the new multicurrency Wirex card allows you to spend numerous crypto and fiat currencies. It also earns you up to 2% CryptobackTM points on all of your purchases. 

List of accounts that can be linked to the card:

Fiat accounts: EUR, GBP, CAD, CZK, HUF, PLN, RON, HRK, USD

Crypto accounts: BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, WAVES, DAI, NANO, XLM

Wirex Debit Card

Top-up charges:


More information can be found at: https://wirexapp.com/

4. Gemini Crypto Credit Card – best for instant rewards

With the Gemini Credit Card, you may earn rewards in bitcoin, the best-performing asset class over the previous decade1, or one of the 50+ other cryptos offered on Gemini. It’s the only credit card that promptly deposits your cryptocurrency rewards. That means the cryptocurrency you earn is instantly deposited into your Gemini account, not a month later. 2 There is no need to time the market or pay trading commissions. Simply by living your life, every day, every purchase, you can earn bitcoin, ether, or any of your favorite cryptos.

Gemini Mastercard

Gemini Card features:


  • Up to 3% back on dining,† 2% back on groceries, 1% back on all other purchases
  • Up to $6,000 in annual spend, then 1% back on everything else
  • Rewards available in bitcoin, ether, or 50+ other cryptocurrencies
  • You can change your crypto reward type at any time, as much as you like
  • You can receive rewards when the transaction occurs (some exclusions apply in which rewards are deposited when the transaction posts. come in three different metal colors: black, silver, and rose gold).

No fees to use your card:

  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No exchange fees to acquire your rewards (fees may be incurred for selling or converting your crypto rewards).


  • Crypto rewards are protected by Gemini’s world-class security
  • Mastercard Zero Liability Protection on Unauthorized Transactions
  • Mastercard ID Theft Protection™
  • Instantly lock your card anytime from the Gemini app
  • Receive real-time alerts based on transaction size or type

Other features and benefits:

  • Your choice of a black, silver, or rose gold stainless-steel card, made from 75% recycled material
  • Instant access to a digital card after approval
  • Available to residents of all 50 U.S. states
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Access to card features and details in the Gemini mobile app
  • Exclusive offers with select merchants such as DoorDash, HelloFresh, Lyft, and ShopRunner
  • You can choose from over 50 cryptocurrencies available on the Gemini Exchange.

More information can be found at: https://www.gemini.com/credit-card

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