Real-Life Shoe Designers Created The Sneaker Heads NFT Collection

sneaker heads NFT collection
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Sneakers are popular because they are versatile, comfy, and fashionable. Sneakers are frequently associated with well-known athletes and celebrities. But, when you combine the two, what do you get? Meet Sneaker Heads, a collection of 5000 NFTs created by Ali Dawood, a real-life shoe designer.

If you believe this is simply another NFT initiative, consider this: in just two months, the project has attracted over 200k Twitter followers. Are you still not convinced? One of the Sneaker Heads below might be of interest to you.

Difficult not to fall in love with Sneaker Heads NFT line because it’s so realistic

Ali Dawood, also known as @ill_lawi, has always loved to incorporate parts of street culture into his work. As a result, the Sneaker Heads line features a variety of futuristic pairings of well-known artists’ faces fused with existing trainer designs. A 3D picture of Travis Scott’s face is combined with designs of Air Jordan 6 Cactus Jack sneakers in one of his classic designs.

Inspired by the original Air Jordans

Ali claims that it took him and his crew more than two months to polish each Sneaker Head. They’ve spent a lot of time and effort on the fabric texture, making sure it matches the material of the shoe as closely as possible. We can’t help but respect the team’s meticulousness in their works, given the realistic look of each Sneaker Head.

So, how can you get your hands on one of these Sneakerheads? The NFTs are undoubtedly available for minting on the company’s official website. However, there is a catch. Official links can only be found on the server’s Discord channel. In addition, the Sneaker Heads Discord server is password-protected. As a result, keep an eye out for the Discord link, which will be released on the company’s Twitter account at random intervals. If you want to join, keep an eye on the company’s Twitter announcements.

Final thoughts

Blue-chip NFT projects are extremely difficult to come by. The long-term viability of an NFT initiative is frequently determined by its community and team. For example, Azuki NFTs recently had its floor price rise as a result of the team’s ongoing progress. Sneaker Heads might easily be the next blue-chip in the NFT space, given the enormous popularity and high-quality artwork.


At the time of writing, Sneaker Heads have successfully minted out and sitting at a floor price of 0.7 ETH on the secondary market.

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