Unstoppable Domains is offering free Web3 training in Miami

unstoppable domains free web3 training
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Unstoppable Domains is the city of Miami’s newest Venture Miami partner. As a result, the Web3 identity platform and NFT domain provider will contribute to the city’s local Web3 education campaign. It’s cooperating with Venture Miami’s educational event “Miami for Everyone” in particular.

Unstoppable Domains will participate in the educational event “Miami for Everyone”

From June 17 to 19, Venture Miami will host the Miami for Everyone event at Miami Dade College. The goal of the event is to provide an interesting and inclusive approach for the Miami community to learn about Web3.

Web3 novices from Miami will find a welcoming environment in which to learn. Those with greater experience in the field, on the other hand, will be able to offer their knowledge in order to create a societal impact. A full day of workshops, a hackathon, and networking opportunities will be held at the event.

Unstoppable Domains has generously offered everyone at Miami for Everyone a $50 credit toward an NFT domain. UD will also provide onboarding seminars in English and Spanish. Unstoppable Domains will assist guests in creating a wallet and claiming their NFT domain. Of course, they will learn about wallet security during these sessions.

UD will be assisting students at Miami Dade College in addition to all the perks for Miami for Everyone participants. Students will have access to free NFT domains in particular.

Unstoppable Domains is proud to support Miami in its quest to become the world’s most Web3 and crypto-friendly city,” stated Sandy Carter, SVP and head of business development at Unstoppable Domains.

UD’s second major city-based giveaway is noteworthy. Unstoppable Domains formerly collaborated with Access Abu Dhabi. Unstoppable Domains was able to provide free domains to over one million women in Abu Dhabi as a result of that relationship.

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Miami For Everyone event website

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