Unstoppable Domains Review 2022 – Is it a good investment?

Unstoppable Domains Review 2022

Unstoppable Domains Review 2022 - Is it a good investment?

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In this piece Unstoppable Domains Review 2022 – is it a good investment?;, we’ll explain how UD works, some of its features, and how you may get your own .crypto domain.

Unstoppable Domains is a platform that provides blockchain-based NFT domain names that can be used as human-readable wallet addresses, NFT galleries, and/or to host decentralized websites. In this piece, we’ll explain how Unstoppable Domains works, some of its features, and how you may get your own .crypto domain.



Unstoppable Domains is a platform that makes it extremely simple for anyone to purchase a blockchain-based domain name and configure it as a human-readable wallet address or website. Although not yet supported by all browsers and wallets, this is a fantastic concept that has already acquired interest and support.In a nutshell, that is Unstoppable Domains.

Continue reading this page for a more full explanation of Unstoppable Domains Review 2022 and a tutorial on how to set up your own. Here’s what we’ll talk about:

1. Unstoppable Domains Review 2022 – is it a good investment?

Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based startup that sells blockchain-secured domain names. Bogdan Gusiev, Brad Kam, Braden Pezeshki, and Matthew Gould started it in 2018 with $5.2 million in funding from Boost VC and Tim Draper’s Draper Associates.

2. UD Services

Unstoppable Domains’ products and services are all centered on their NFT domain names. Read on to find out what an NFT is. Unstoppable Domains offers a variety of tools for purchasing and minting domain names, connecting them to your crypto addresses, and building and deploying websites.

Buy and Mint Domain Names

To begin with, Unstoppable Domains allows users to acquire domain extensions like as.crypto or.zil and mint them to their personal wallets.

Unstoppable Domain ownership is represented by non-fungible ERC721 tokens that are kept in the owner’s wallet rather than with a third party. They just need to be purchased once, and there are no renewal fees. They can also be freely sold or transferred.

Purchases can be made with a number of fiat and cryptocurrencies. Be advised that when done on layer 1, withdrawing a purchased domain (i.e. “minting” a domain) to begin using it incurs additional fees for Ethereum gas. Unstoppable, on the other hand, has recently connected with Polygon, allowing for gas-free minting on layer 2.

Add a Crypto Address

After purchasing a domain name, you can use it as a human-readable address to receive cryptocurrency. This implies that users of supported wallets will no longer have to type or paste your public key (the long string of numbers and letters that represents your crypto address).
For example, instead of spelling out you Bitcoin or Ethereum public key, you could use yournamehere.crypto domain as your address if you wanted to send a crypto payment.

Unstoppable Domains provides an easy-to-use interface for connecting wallet addresses for supported cryptocurrencies to your domain. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Zilliqa addresses can all be linked.
These human-readable addresses are currently supported by Coinbase Wallet, MyEtherwallet, Trust wallet, Chainlink, and others.

Build and Connect Websites

Unstoppable Domains also allows customers to create and link websites to their domain name. This may appear to be too complicated for the common person, but Unstoppable Domains gives some excellent tools to make the process simple for everyone.
The Unstoppable Domains website provides four distinct sorts of free themes, including:

  • Personal
  • For sale
  • Coming Soon
  • Blog

When you use a template to create a website, Unstoppable Domains will assist you in storing it with the decentralized storage network, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), with a single click.

More sophisticated users can even manually establish their own website from scratch and link the IPFS hash using the Unstoppable Domains user interface.
These decentralized websites are viewable natively in the widely-known Brave and Opera web browsers, as well as in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge by installing the Unstoppable Domains  browser extension.

3. Prices and Payment Methods

Domains with the.crypto extension start at $40, whereas domains with the.zil extension start at $20. You can also come across more expensive domain names that are shorter or more appealing. On the secondary market, you can also find domains that have already been purchased but are being resold by the owner (rather than by Unstoppable Domains itself).
When purchasing an Unstoppable Domain, you have a variety of payment choices. In fact, you don’t even need cryptocurrency to register a domain.

Unstoppable Domains allows credit card payments via Stripe, PayPal, Crypto.com payments, and the following cryptocurrency for domain name purchases:

There are no additional costs for the gas fee associated with “minting” (as long as the minting happens on Polygon Network) after you have purchased a domain using your wallet. The gas price only applies when claiming to Ethereum, and it can be avoided by claiming your domain with Polygon on layer 2.

Minting costs are deducted directly from your wallet in Ether (ETH) at a gas price determined by you.

4. How To Use Unstoppable Domains

Go to Unstoppable Domains homepage and search for your desired blockchain domain/NFT name.

UD crypto

When you’ve found the domain you want, click “add to cart” and go to the checkout. The domain can be purchased using a variety of fiat and cryptocurrency payment methods.

The domain can be purchased using a variety of fiat and cryptocurrency payment methods.

Submit your payment choosing one of the payment methods.

You are now the happy owner of a .crypto domain! It is, however, still in the ownership of Unstoppable Domains. To keep and use your .crypto domain, you must first mint it to your personal ethereum wallet.
Navigate to the menu, then choose “My Domains.” From here, you can mint your domain by paying with your own ETH based wallet, or by purchasing “Mint Credit” from Unstoppable Domains.

Choose the appropriate option, then follow the mint instructions on the screen or choose the “Bulk Mint” option, which will automatically mint all your freshly bought domains (a wallet needs to be chosen).

It will take some time for the mint to be processed on the Ethereum blockchain after you submit it. Minting a domain on the Polygon Network takes a few seconds overall.

The word “pending” will appear next to your newly registered domain name. Once it clears, your domain name will be saved in your wallet!

Conclusion – Unstoppable Domains Review 2022 – is it a good investment?

UDs is a fantastic idea that allows anyone to benefit from the new generation of blockchain-based human-readable addresses and websites.
Despite the fact that the concept is difficult, Unstoppable Domains does an excellent job of simplifying the procedure for the typical user – even eliminating the necessity for a user to possess crypto at all when they first begin. The website builder is also really simple to use, especially considering how difficult it would be to construct and deploy a decentralized website today.
Human-readable addresses and decentralized websites are both ideas that are expected to become highly popular in the future – and Unstoppable Domains may be the simplest method to get your own.

Have you worked with Unstoppable Domains before? If so, please share your experience in the comments area below or comment on the above article “Unstoppable Domains Review 2022 – is it a good investment?”.

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