The Best Blockchain Service Provider Vendors

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Even before it was used in cryptocurrency, blockchain existed as a concept in computer science. The hash tree or Merkle tree, which Ralph Merkle patented in 1979, was the first form of blockchain. It worked by validating and transferring data between computer systems.

The tech sector has discovered numerous blockchain applications in finance and other critical industries. Blockchain distributed ledger technology can be used to improve data management transparency and reduce fraud.

It enables all customers to gain access to a cloud-based solution, build, host, and use their own blockchain apps, smart contracts, and other functions on the blockchain system, while the blockchain company manages all activities associated with maintaining the functionalities.

The most popular Blockchain Technology Companies and Blockchain Service Providers are listed below:


ScienceSoft – with 32 years of custom software development experience, provides end-to-end development of custom blockchain solutions, including smart contracts, private blockchain, blockchain wallets, and dApps and DAOs.

Using Ethereum, Graphene, and Hyperledger, the company assists customers in automating, securing, and improving business processes such as supply chain and asset management, trade and cross-border payments, document and claims management, identity management, and customer experience management, among others.

ScienceSoft’s blockchain offering, in addition to custom development, includes blockchain consulting (including TCO calculation, architecture design, security consulting, and so on) and integration of blockchain apps or their components.

Ripple Labs Inc.

Ripple Labs Inc., founded in 2012 by Brad Garlinghouse, is an American fintech company that developed the Ripple protocol and exchange platform, which provides cross-border payment solutions using blockchain technology. Ripple’s decentralized financial tools enable a seamless cross-border payment processing experience.

Ripple provides a real-time payment system that allows banks and other financial service providers to transact directly with one another without the use of a third party. Through its global payment system RippleNet, they connect banks, other financial service providers, and world trade organizations.


LeewayHertz is a blockchain firm that focuses on developing blockchain applications for startups and enterprises. Since its inception in 2007, this award-winning software development firm has created a number of digital platforms for the cloud, mobile, blockchain, and IoT.

Its services include software development, Hedra hashgrapgh consulting, and the launch of ICOs and STOs. They have also specialized in blockchain development on various frameworks, as well as dApps and smart contracts.


Blockchangers – this Norwegian company was founded in 2015 with the goal of assisting clients in understanding and implementing blockchain technology. They work to promote blockchain by collaborating with private and public institutions to define blockchain’s future.

Blockchangers hosts Oslo Blockchain Day, Northern Europe’s largest blockchain conference, and their clients include DNB Bank, PwC, Lyse, Datatilsynet, Trigger, Kantega, and many more.

Lectures, workshops, consulting, blockchain development, banking software development, front-end services, and other services are also available.


ChromaWayColored Coins, the open source project founded and led by ChromaWay CTO Alex Mizrahi, was commercialized by ChromaWay in 2014. Colored Coins were the first viable method of issuing arbitrary digital assets, or “tokens,” on the Bitcoin blockchain. This was arguably the beginning of “blockchain 2.0,” or the use of blockchain for purposes other than cryptocurrencies. The headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden.

One of their most notable accomplishments was the creation of the Green Asset Wallet, a platform that connects green investors with potential investment opportunities. This initiative aided in the achievement of the Paris Climate Agreement’s goals. They introduced postchain, a distributed database management tool with distributed control, as their main service focus.

Blockchain development, digital currencies, and tokenization are among their offerings.

Because blockchain technology is still in its early life, new startups emerge on a daily basis. The list above lists the top blockchain companies to look for if you want to use their services.

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