The Conference’s Afterwords: NFT is a true wonder

the conference NFT

the conference NFT

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On November 27, 2021, we delved into the realm of NFT, or “non-fungible token”, in Ukraine, which swept the cryptocurrency and art markets in 2020, in collaboration with The Conference.NFT. The Conference.NFT Kyiv was the first Ukrainian conference exclusively dedicated to NFT, following the success of the AroundB organizers’ The Conference.NFT (online version), which took place in June 2021 and drew over 1,500 attendees from all over the globe.

During the event, attendees could hear dozens of unique speeches and participate in lively panel discussions, as well as witness the live launch of the NFT game by world-famous pop star DOROFEEVA, visit a unique workshop hosted by SpaceSeven (an NFT-marketplace partner of The Conference.NFT), and participate in a real NFT auction of a painting created by an artist from Ukraine.

Millions of audience questions (over 500 people attended the conference offline and nearly 2,000 online), interesting and meaningful speaker presentations, discussion of the most relevant topics, and cool networking – these are the things that will leave guests remembering The Conference.NFT of Ukraine for a long time. There were not only Ukrainian industry representatives there, but also Polish, Swiss, German, and other nationalities, resulting in a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives on the NFT market, its future, and current situation in other areas of the world. Lars Seier Christensen (Chairman of the Board, Concordium Foundation), Andrew Sarnavsky (Tacans Group COO), Dmitry Kornilov (CEO, co-founder of FFFACE.ME), Anna Avetova (curator and founder of the art agency Tuasho), Tais Poda (creative producer and art director), Nikita FREEBOID Khudyakov (NFT artist, initiator of CryptoArt Ukraine), and others were among the speakers.

A spectacular after-party took held in the Avangarden Art Gallery and Wine Bar, capping off more than seven hours of unusual performances, presentations, and engaging talks.

AroundB, as the Conference NFT organizers, is thankful to all of our attendees, presenters, media partners, and sponsors, including SpaceSeven, Concordium, Metis, Harmony, Bancambios, and Tacans, without whom this NFT conference would not have been possible. All of the creators and artists that came to The NFT Conference were greatly appreciated by AroundB. NFTs from around the world are invited to showcase their NFTs and share their personal experiences.

During this week, all video and photographs will be available. Every participant will receive a link to the video and photo materials so they may revisit and relive the fantastic environment we created together.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to support us, and stay tuned for more! CryptoNewsPipe has been a media partner of theConference.NFT event held in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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