Are Big Casino Bonuses Slowly Going Away?

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Today we are looking at a trend that many of us did not see coming. When we are talking about big casino bonuses, they should be a way to attract new players and keep existing players happy.

However, as we are moving more and more into the year 2020, we are currently seeing less and less big bonuses handed out to the players.

This is not because online casinos would be cutting on costs. Quite many readers could assume that the current pandemic and regulation would be taking its toll on online gambling. The current trend had actually started years ago, and now you are going to learn why the bonuses are getting smaller.

Players have started to value withdrawal speed over bonuses

As Pay N Play casinos have reformed the industry from 2016 onwards, we have started to see a drop in the number of bonuses new players could claim.

Ninja Casino

Ninja Casino was one of the first brands to start a movement towards smaller bonuses in 2016.

Previously, new players would usually receive free spins or bonus money on sign up. On top of that, they would usually enjoy having a big bonus, either 200% or 300%, on top of the free spins and bonuses they would receive on sign-up.

After the introduction of Pay N Play Casino, players were not able to claim sign-up bonuses anymore in the beginning. Most of them didn’t bother about this issue too much, as, in exchange, they got 5 minute withdrawal time. But this was just the first step of going towards fewer bonuses.

Most of the Pay N Play sites are currently targeted towards Finland. This is due to the fact that Finnish players can claim bonuses (casinobonukset in their native language). For example, in the neighboring country Sweden, players are only allowed to receive 100 SEK bonuses, which is around 8 euros. Some Pay n Play casinos since have introduced quite innovative, different types of bonuses.

More games and product focus means fewer bonuses as well

Previously many casinos would have slot games from around two or three different providers. This means that the players had a lot less to choose from. When you are maintaining a library of 200 slot games, it also means that your costs are lower.

Now it is typical to see that online casinos have more than 2000 slot games. This means that they also need bigger budgets to maintain these games (team costs, technical costs). This is also, unfortunately, a factor that will eventually drive cost savings from bonus costs.

As players are enjoying a larger amount of games under one site, they tend to have a better experience. This means that most players are happy to have more games and faster withdrawals over big casino bonuses.

It is also very hard to compete with bonuses. Still, in the online casino industry, if you can build a solid product and customer communication, you have a chance to win.

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