Bitcoin or Ethereum – Which uses more power?

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Bitcoin and Ethereum are so widely used that their massive energy consumption is a significant worry. Determine who is the most egregious perpetrator.

The massive amount of energy that cryptocurrencies consume has long been a source of debate between supporters and detractors. It’s no secret that blockchain activity, from coin mining to transaction processing, is not environmentally friendly. Cryptocurrencies now consume more energy than entire cities or even countries.

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two major participants in the crypto game, are both guilty of this. But which demands more energy, and are either of them making any progress?

1. Bitcoin’s Energy Requirements – source:

2. Ethereum’s Energy Requirements – source:

Cryptocurrency’s Energy Consumption Is Still a Problem, but Things Are Changing

While the cryptocurrency sector continues to consume astronomically large quantities of electricity, this issue is being addressed. You can now invest in climate-friendly cryptos such as IOTA or Stellar. You’ll be ensuring that your involvement in the bitcoin sector does not cause too much harm to the environment by doing so. Though the crypto world has a long way to go before it can be called environmentally friendly, it’s encouraging to see creators prioritize the environment.

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