The price of Bitcoin falls to $50,000

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Although it seems odd, one researcher believes Bitcoin has a lot more opportunity to deceive bears into a false feeling of security.

For a $50,000 retest, there is “no meaningful evidence”

Concerns increased after Bitcoin broke an all-time high that had been in place for six months, and a correction occurred that wiped 10% of its gains in a single day.

Despite two drops below $60,000, economists have maintained their bullish outlook for the coming weeks and months. Filbfilb by Decentrader is no exception.

“We’ve been following a Bitcoin fractal pattern for a few weeks now, and if it holds, the next major stop higher for Bitcoin would be $72k if momentum is maintained, after which the 1.618 extensions suggest around $88k would be a target of interest, which ties in with the idea that $100k will see some front running by sellers,” he concluded.

Cooling financing rates, more exposure from Bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds, and robust buyer support, according to him, are all supportive of additional gains.

The weekend, when markets are normally weaker, might offer a surprise move up or down, with an upswing likely encountering resistance above $65,000, the previous high.

Filbfilb also stated that he was prepared for a deeper BTC price drop, but that he would have to work very hard to overcome his optimistic belief.

“$50k will be a key region of interest to us if there is a substantial reversal and break in structure,” he continued.

Although there is no proof of this at this time, we are prepared to seize the opportunity if it arises. Even if prices retrace to current levels, our overall bullish thesis remains intact.

The numbers bolster the bulls’ determination

Fibonacci levels, like other recent studies, continue to play an important role in predicting potential future price points in an up-or-down market phase.
Bitcoin’s macrocycle peaks have typically been based on Fib sequences, which means it might surpass $300,000 this time.

Similarly, the next bear market from such highs is expected to bottom out around present levels, with the worst-case scenario falling slightly below $50,000.

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